Finally did the upgrade, and some random thoughts on conservative digital publications

Posted by DC on Thu, 10/14/2021 - 01:33

This is more of a ranty post, but I finally knocked out some long neglected site updates so I can get back to posting.  I'm nowhere near done, but there's so much damn news happening and I've been chomping at the bit to get back to slaying RINOs and the anti-Trump Republicans.

I cleaned up the layout a little for more of a "bloggish" look, and integrated our news aggregator for Spygate, CCP Virus, and Election news, as those are the big three topics right now.  I'll be integrating our forum as a commenting system, as commenting systems in general are horribly unsecure and intrusive.

We added some CSS-based non-tracking share buttons, excluding the satanic deep-state social media platforms.  I still need to add Gab and a few others I'm forgetting.

If anyone has some SVG icons that are uniform with Gab, Telegram, and the other alts, please let me know.  (I'll find the share links, but if you know those, let me know as well).

I really don't like web programming.  I like more of the low-level and technical aspects of it and solving hard problems, but as for building websites and the creative UI part, it's just not my thing.  If not for the Bootstrap base theme (ironically, we have Twitter to thank for that) that gives non-creative software developers, like myself, a starting point for putting together layouts with some default styling, I probably wouldn't have built this site.  With all the software projects I've worked on over the years, web programming to me is like a Formula One driver operating a Prius.

It's sad that in the conservative web world, there are so very few with my skill level who'd like to build and manage websites.  What 99.9999999999% of conservative website owners do is install a WordPress installation, load up a third-party template written by someone living in the third-world, and some plugins, also written by someone who dreams of having plumbing one day.  The website owner removes the "Lorem Ipsum" placeholder content, pastes in their stuff and uploads some stock photos, and then calls it a day.

They know literally nothing about how the web works, or how WordPress works.  Over the years, I've bailed out too many website owners who are in a bad situation with their site and can't get hold of the plugin developer -- again, because he doesn't even speak the language or lives in this country.  It's these people who care so little about the quality of their code that are cranking out the plugins being purchased and installed by conservatives website owners.

The conservative digital media world is broken.  I've noticed most of them, at least the big sites, engage with grifters disguised as some form of marketing company so they (the grifters) can collect and compile personal information on their large conservative audience.  Parler and GETTR are good examples.

They use tracking ads that reap visitor information.  They put visitors at risk by running outdated and unsecure JavaScript libraries with known vulnerabilities.  They care nothing about website performance or how it affects mobile users.  It goes on and on, and it's frustrating for someone like myself to see.

In the near future, I may go through some sites and point out things not to do.

Side note on the topic of web development, I've been asked a few times if I use WordPress for a CMS.  I don't, I use Drupal.  It's far superior to WordPress.  If you're going to argue against that, believe me when I tell you that you don't know what you're talking about.  You're just wrong.  WordPress is fine for non-technical people, but if you're a coder, you can very easily do literally anything with Drupal.  The developer community is much better, and there's several other reasons why it's the best for CMF-related projects.

But yes, Drupal is woke.  Sadly, that's just the case for seemingly most of the big projects.  For example, Go is one of the hottest programming languages, and they're woke as hell; they support domestic terrorism:

Golang and BLM‚Äč

Every time I go to the site I have to look at that crap.  Another framework I use is ExpressJS, which is a framework on top of NodeJS.  ExpressJS supports domestic terrorists as well:


BLM and ExpressJS


Sass is the most popular CSS compiler (I believe it still is, although pure CSS is making a comeback) that helps developers manage and generate CSS (the stuff that makes web pages pretty).  If you do anything with web stuff, you have to use CSS, and Sass makes it easier.  These clowns actually encourage you to get out in the streets:


BLM and Sass


See what we're dealing with?  The Marxist have even taken over the open source web tech world.

I don't know why these projects are compelled to promote domestic terrorism.  I assume it's because they're somehow funded by the woke corporations infested with Marxists in their boardrooms, but I could understand that for those close to the action.  How does it benefit the woke corporations to spend money on these open source projects that hard-core Trump supporters, like myself, can use?

I haven't been able to figure that part out yet, but it could also be they get preferential treatment for government projects.  Drupal, for example, gets a lot of business from governments and non-profit agencies.  Still, it doesn't make sense to me from the corporations' perspective.

Maybe it's just pure intimidation.  I don't know.  Pretty much 99% of software and cyber engineers I know despise libtards with a passion.  They're either hard-core conservatives like myself, or hard-core libertarians (not the new-age Marxist types, but the old ones that like freedom and stuff).

The good news is there's lots of opportunity for good developers to build tools that will benefit conservative publishers.

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