Federal Judge upholds North Carolina voter ID law

Posted by DC on Tue, 04/26/2016 - 19:29

In North Carolina, the United States Justice Department (I mean, really?) and a chapter of the NAACP sued over changes to the state's election law.  Judge Thomas Schroeder ruled in favor of sane people in North Carolina.  The plaintiffs went to the race well:

"This is just one step in a legal battle that is going to continue in the courts," said Penda Hair, an attorney representing the NAACP. The law "targets the provisions that once made North Carolina among the states with the highest turnout in the nation. This progress was especially clear among African-American and Latino voters, who came to rely on measures like early voting, same-day registration and out-of-precinct provisional ballots to ensure their voices were heard.

Why do liberals think blacks are too stupid or incapable of procuring an ID card?  Do they think they are genetically predisposed to manage such a complicated task?  It's an errand you run during lunch time.

Judge Schroeder wrote in his decision:

The plaintiffs "failed to show that such disparities will have materially adverse effects on the ability of minority voters to cast a ballot and effectively exercise the electoral franchise" as a result of the 2013 state law, Schroeder wrote. That argument was made more difficult after black voter turnout increased in 2014, he wrote.

"There is significant, shameful past discrimination. In North Carolina's recent history, however, certainly for the last quarter century, there is little official discrimination to consider," Schroeder wrote.

Where is all of this discrimination happening?  Liberals really do see the world in a different way, or at least they try to.  The real reason they want no voter ID laws is because the Marxists can strategize their voter fraud schemes.  Democrats aren't the only party guilty of voter fraud.  Republicans are guilty of it as well, as we all remember in Mississippi during the 2014 election, when they pushed through Thad Cochran, who liked to engage in interspecies erotica, which he admits right before the primary, mind you.  Mississippi has a pretty strong voter ID requirement, but the point is if you give these Marxists the smallest opening, they will take it at any cost, so citizens really need to push to keep voter laws strict and enforceable.

I am a firm believer that in order to vote, you should at least be paying a mortgage or paying rent.  Why in the world would we want the dregs of society voting?  It makes absolutely no sense.  You should be an established resident of your city.  If you are not capable of obtaining a driver's license, then why are you suddenly concerned about your civic duties?

Ballotpedia has an interactive map breaking down state voter laws.

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