Fat Claire, Trump's Penis and Math

Posted by The Boo Man on Sun, 12/30/2018 - 01:11

The one thing we can say about democrats is they are entertaining on many different levels. Republicans are a one trick pony. A one hit wonder. The milli Vanilli of congress.  Democrats are prolific in their stupidity, ignorance and lack of any self awareness. They have made a career out of not understanding how arrogant and elitist and off putting they are to most of the country. California for example is a beacon of liberalism The cali coast thinks they speak for the rest of the country. Therefore they believe they have the right to tell the rest of the country how to live. San Francisco lets people shit on the pavement.

So, democrats...

Former Senator Claire McCaskill is not going away quietly. She has decided that her election loss was not her fault but the voters and everyone but her. In other words she wants to be Hillary Clinton. The two do have a few things in common. They both gained copious amounts of weight in office, they both achieved nothing of any real value aside from personal riches and both aren't going away quietly. Fat Claire eventually will. She has a husband to go home to. Hillary has Huma and chardonnay.

As Chardonnay Hillary is bitter, fat Claire is childish. Whining like the kid who can't get on the swing set at lunch time she has embarked on a screeching tour of her own. Pro choicers are stupid! Who's this crazy kid from New York? Sorry Claire but you lost because you believe in nothing aside from your own reelection. You let the mask slip. You lost. Go away.

I'll use the crazy new Yorker as a brilliant segue to my next topic, Math. It's a cruel mistress. It can be fondled and caressed to respond the way you want it to...to a point. Bernie, Warren and the rest of the merry Marxists can only coax their mistress so far. They have a laundry lists of  programs that would give FDR the boner his wife only dreamed of. It's an old list, about fifty years so one would think they would have at this point figured out how to implement these programs and pay for them. No such subsidy! And now the newest and by far the dumbest member to the court of the crazy commies is Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez.

This half witted harpy has topped off the democrats wish list with her Green New Deal. She thinks she has invented the wheel but the left have been going on about this for decades.  And, like all their other dreams it is high on emotion and low on specifics. Especially cost and how to pay for it. Basically it is like most other democrat measures. It uses coercion to affect an outcome. Obama used it broadly by strangling the fossil fuel industry. He failed miserably because the green sector failed to become viable. Government picking and choosing winners and losers never works out. The beauty of this is the green New Deal is just the icing on the socialist layer cake. This delicious cake has such layers as Medicare for all, free college, guaranteed income and 50,000 dollars for every poor kid why wants to buy a house.

At some point the democrats will have to abolish the Congressional Budget Office and math in general because the numbers are not on their side. Who needs math when there are more important subjects such as gender studies, lesbian poetry and toxic masculinity?  

While we're talking about congress, what about this shutdown! Yeah I'm under whelmed as well. It's the democrats yearly game of political chicken. They threaten to shut down the government, they then say the world will come to an end and of course they blame it on the bewildered republicans who just want to be liked. Fast forward to the end, nothing happens. Yet every time  the republicans always collapse. Democrats always come to the table when the replicans have surrendered.  Democrats see bi-partisanship as the republicans giving the democrats everything they want. You can't blame them because it is true.

Then Trump came along.

A bull in a China shop, a grenade in an orphanage, Stormy Daniels in the Vatican. Disruption is the word of the day and the left and their media shills hate it and they hate Trump. President Trump's strategy is simply to give the middle finger to conventional politics. And why not? Conventional politics has never worked. At least for republicans.  Bi-partisanship is kind of a myth because one side has to give. And it almost always the  GOP. Trump refuses to back down and slowly but hesitantly the republicans are realizing having balls isn't so bad after all. Even Lindsey Graham put on his big boy pants. He found them in Chuck Schumer's nightstand during the Kavanaugh hearings and never looked back.

Trump will win this because he has framed it as a national security measure and the majority of those engaged agree. Yeah, he told Schumer he will own the shutdown and Schumer thinks that is a blunder because it gives democrats cover. Well, if it does it also gives squishy republicans cover as well. However every crime committed by an illegal alien is blood on the hands of the democrat party. Every murder lands in the lap of the left. It's kind of difficult to claim you fight for the middle class when middle class people are being raped and or killed by illegal you are welcoming into the country with welcoming voter registration cards. I was going to say the democrats will also own all the child sex trafficking that makes it into the US but they're cool with that. They'll just say it is a post birth abortion. A wet dream they have had for decades.

The NYT must be salivating for the democrats to take control of the house on January third. All those investigations! They must need the new material. Since the Russian collusion story ran out of gas they have been reduced to writing stories about Trump's Feet. Something about Trump's podiatrist and bone spurs as told by said podiatrist's daughters with no actual evidence. But hey, it's much better than CNN constantly talking about the president's penis. A topic Don Lemon seemed to find particularly intoxicating.



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