Exclusive interview with Nikola Sandulović, President of the Republican Party in Serbia, on the communist takeover, deep-state, and other ongoing issues familiar to Americans

Posted by Milos on Sun, 06/28/2020 - 20:18

(Editor's note: the interview was conducted before the June 21st Serbian elections)

Historical forward by the interviewer

The problem with communism in Serbia started in 1919, during the Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenes which was formed after the WWI in 1918 (later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia from 1929), when the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CPY) was founded. After they had committed several political assassinations and assassination attempts, they were marked as a terrorist organization, and banned from the political life by the authorities in 1921.

At their Fourth Congress held in Dresden in 1928, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia had set destruction of Yugoslavia as one of its main goals, which was to be achieved by strict adherence to the right to the self-determination of nations.

The strategy of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia relied on nationalistic anti-Serbian movements. This strategy was based on the resolution of the Third Congress of the CPY held in Vienna in 1926, aimed against the Serbian bourgeoisie perceived as the oppressor, who evolved from the oppressive Serb people. It was also based on the conclusions of the Fifth Congress of the Comintern held in 1924, which posed the principle of federal system of national states.

The Comintern abandoned the idea of federal reorganization of Yugoslavia on account of the argument that the Western imperialists were using Yugoslavia and the other Balkan countries as a cordon sanitaire on the south-western border of the Soviet Union. In order to break this cordon sanitaire, a new and radical political stand was defined in Moscow. According to it, the right to secession was acknowledged to the oppressed nations in the states of the enemy camp.

The position on the national question acquired an even sharper tone at the Fourth Conference of the CPY held in Ljubljana in 1934. It was stressed that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was essentially an occupation of Croatia, Dalmatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina by Serbian troops. The basic view was that Greater-Serbian Yugoslavia was potentially one of the most dangerous hotspots in a new imperialist war in Europe.

Even prior to the World War II, the CPY made alliance with the Croatian fascist movement called the Ustashe, implementing their previous decisions to destroy Yugoslavia, and also acknowledging the Hitler-Stalin alliance. They welcomed the German Nazi troops in the occupied Yugoslavia on April 6th 1941.

After Hitler broke his alliance with Stalin and attacked the Soviet Union on June 22th 1941, the CPY and its partisans lead by Josip Broz Tito started a civil war in Serbia, with the aim to defeat the regular Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland lead by General Dragoljub Draža Mihailović and backed by the Yugoslav King and government who found the refuge in London, also known as the Chetniks, and seize the political power in the country by a communist revolution during the war.

Partisan strategy was to make people poor and miserable in order to win the masses for their revolutionary cause. Their tactics were to kill some German soldier near a village, and then the Germans will come to burn the village and kill the villagers, which made the villagers flee and join the partisans. As a gift to the Soviet war efforts, Churchill decided to give Yugoslavia to Stalin, and at the Tehran Conference held in 1943, Churchill and Roosevelt decided to end their support to the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland, and give the support to Tito's communist partisans instead.

Communist partisans entered Belgrade on Soviet Red Army tanks on October 20th 1944, and declared their occupation of Serbia. In 1945, fake elections were held in Yugoslavia, granting the victory to the CPY. And so the communist establishment was brought on power in Belgrade, which still remains to the very day I am writing this.

Although initially the CPY had the goal to destroy Yugoslavia, Tito got into disagreement and confrontation with Stalin in 1948, and now Yugoslavia became a Western cordon sanitaire towards the Soviet Union once again, implementing the Western style of socialism. The communists took the control over the Serbian Orthodox Church. They shot all intellectuals, and also the rich people who they proclaimed the "enemies of the people" so that they could seize their properties. They have brought incompetent people to run the economy and ruin it. The great unemployment rate was reduced by allowing the people to migrate abroad, mostly to Germany.

The people's ideal was to finish some university and get a job in a state-owned company's office or state administration so that you didn't need to work and still lived well. Those who didn't make it, they needed to work hard in industry or agriculture and were still poor. The business books were fixed so that companies end year at "positive zero", and loses were compensated by Western financial help.

In spite of more than hundred billions USD of the Western help, Yugoslav economy bankrupted in 1979. But after Tito's death in 1980, and after the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1990, Yugoslavia had no international purpose nor importance anymore, and so the final communist destruction of Yugoslavia could begin.

With their base in Belgrade, Serbia, communists have started a civil war in Yugoslavia in order to break-up the country, and to fulfill their politics of the right to secession of the oppressed nations they had previously adopted during the 1920s and 1930s, putting the blame for the war on Serbian nationalism and Greater-Serbian oppression as a false flag, and using Serbian fake nationalist politicians who were in their service to help incite the war.

Ethnic Serb armies were intentionally lead by the Yugoslav communist Generals into defeats to lose the civil wars during the 1990s in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo, and to destroy the oppressive Serb people as they defined it.

And here we are, with the current Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, in the final stage of this communist plot.

I wanted to bring you an exclusive interview with the most prominent leader of the anti-communist opposition in Serbia, Mr. Nikola Sandulović, a descendant of the true Serbian politicians from the period of the Kingdom, and the President of the Republican Party in Serbia. This foreword is mine and based on the historical facts, but his words are more relevant to the current moment in history.


Mr. Sandulović, can you tell us something about your origins and political background?

I am the President of the Republican Party in Serbia since 2012th and one of the co-founders and President of the Union of the Republicans of Balkans, a man whose family has great political past and a kind of political pedigree.

My great-grandfather Toma Sandulović was a famous legato and philanthropist who built schools and sent Serbian youth to study abroad during the time at the beginning of the last century. One of the most successful of his students was Mihajlo Pupin, who became one of the greatest world scientists who lived and worked in America.

One of the school building, my great- grandfather built at the beginning of the last century, still exist in Belgrade, as well as the monument, erected in his honor by citizens, in gratitude for enabling many young people to go abroad and study.

His descendant, my grandfather, whose name I bear, Nikola Sandulović was also an extremely educated man, at his time. He had two university degrees and spoke seven world languages. He was a co-founder of the Democratic-Republican Party, in 1919th, which actively participated in political life in The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and existed for 30 years, till communists and Josip Broz Tito abolished it by decree.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Republicanism in my family.

After a fierce conflict with communist and Tito, my grandfather could no longer stay and live in Yugoslavia and in 1948th he went to London, where he continued his political engagement. Later he left London for Warsaw and then Zurich.

All his life he was very politically engaged. During his career, he had numerous political meetings and engagements with the most famous political leaders of the time, such as Churchill, Brezhnev, etc.

My grandfather died in a hospital in Warsaw in 1980th, as a result of poisoning, most likely directed by the Soviet KGB Service.

Since my thirteenth year, I had been living with my grandfather abroad, for several years. During that time, he educated me politically in the spirit of republicanism, humanity and democracy.


You were in opposition to former Serbian President Slobodan Milošević?  What has changed in Serbia, if anything, since he was removed from power in October of 2000?

Since I had helped found the Democratic Party of Serbia, the largest opposition party to the ruling Socialist Party of Serbia, I actively participated with my associates in overthrowing the socialist-communist regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

Later I was a member of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Serbia Zoran Đinđić, as his associate and an advisor for foreign relations and foreign policy, but I resigned on that position. A year after my resignation Zoran Đinđić was killed, we still don't know why, but most likely by people who resisted the showdown with the still very present remnants of communism.

Unfortunately, the politicians who inherited Zoran Djindjic made an alliance in the Serbian government with the surviving Milosevic's party, the Socialist Party of Serbia and they are all together, so-called democrats and socialists, still in power.

Nowadays, the only real opposition party to the still existed communist regime in Serbia is the Republican Party, whose founder and President I am.


You have gathered evidence about the criminal activities of current Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and his associates? Can you help us understand their relations with the Deep State, Soros, Clinton, Merkel, Erdogan, Chinese mafia, Albanian mafia?

Serbia and the way of life people are exposed to is a real creation of the joint influence and interests of all the factors and forces that you have mentioned.

The lists of crimes and criminals who are in power in Serbia, led by current President Aleksandar Vučić, have no end!

There is no other country in Europe, even on a global scale, that has people like him and his associates, in power. For more than 30 years Serbian Government former and current (they are just changing places) working strictly in their interests and interests of globalists and other world criminal groups and organizations.


You have survived several assassination attempts, the most recent being during the Coronavirus state of emergency?

That was the seventh assassination attempt on me, organized by Aleksandar Vučić the President of Serbia, this time ordered directly by the Chinese mafia (based on my knowledge), because of my political activity. I published information about Chinese narco-mafia and their connection with Aleksandar Vučić related the way they smuggle drugs and gold through Serbia to Europe and I spoke out about faulty Chinese Coronavirus tests.

I was arrested, detained and poisoned in prison. I'm still recovering because the poisoning was due to the total hemiparesis of the right side of my body.

Politicians from all over the world (especially the USA and GB) and the media from the USA, GB, Cuba, France, Italy, Brazil, some East European Countries, etc. that spoke out for me, saved my life this time.

I must emphasize that not only me and my family but also my political associates have been exposed to terror in recent months in the form of police detaining, gangs shooting at them, they are losing their jobs, etc.


Your seats in the Serbian Parliament were stolen in 2016? You have decided to boycott the parliamentary elections scheduled for June 21st?

Republican Party participated two times in the elections and both times our votes were stolen, completely.

Despite the numerous pieces of evidence of the election theft that we submitted to our courts, sent to Brussels, we did not even get an answer.

There is no use to participate in elections and be stolen again, for sure. That's why Republicans will go to boycott and not only that but we will organize protests against our Government, on the day of the elections, on Jun 21st.


How to solve the Muslim migrant crisis?

The Migrant crisis is a huge problem for Serbia and the Serbian people, but not for the Serbian Government, police and army. They do absolutely nothing to protect the country and people from the invasion of migrants. On the contrary, they have opened Serbian borders and above that, they are accepting migrants who are expelled from the territory of Germany, Austria and Hungary. It is unbelievable that our Government does that for the money that Vučić personally receives from EU (2,000 EUR per every migrant).

The increased number of Muslim migrants on the territory of Serbia with the Christian population inevitably leads to conflicts.

The only way to avoid that is to expel them from our territory. 


Serbians love Donald Trump. How to restore the traditional Serbian-American friendship?

We have nothing to restore.

Serbian people do love and stand by Mr. Donald Trump and America! I personally wish him victory in the upcoming elections!

Proof of this is that the largest number of Serbian emigrants are in the USA and Canada and they are Mr. Donald Trump voters. They have always been and I am sure they will be very loyal and useful citizens to America.

We hope for a new government in Serbia (free of communists and criminals) in the future and greater cooperation with the USA, in all areas.



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