Everyone Needs to be a Little Bit Nancy?

Posted by The Boo Man on Tue, 05/03/2016 - 05:32

The protest.

 Once a firm sacrificial middle finger to the establishment, now an excuse to miss a midterm and get a free stereo while seeming to be cutting edge and rebellious.  We have had nearly a decade of unfiltered liberalism forced upon us. However due to the fact utopia never manifested itself the left have been reduced to organized tantrums.  Are these your parents' protests? No they are not.

Today's liberals are largely hypocritical douchebags. Weak kneed Nancys. Shocking I know. So let us focus on the reality that is the new generation of liberals.

Things change over time. Some things good such as wine, whiskey and women. Some bad as evidenced by men, bread and laser disc.. And then there is the time honored protest. The mother-in-law of the first amendment. Something commandeered by the angry nancys. Bandana clad first amendment enthusiasts protesting Donald Trump events. They hate Trump. They hate his policies. Especially Immigration. Well to be accurate illegal immigration.  However being leftists they don't know the difference between legal and illegal, right  and wrong and when life begins.

So these Trump protests, mom would be proud. They descended upon San Fransisco. They destroyed cop cars, threw rocks at motorists and destroyed property. That's not a protest. That's a felony. However I have to ask a wee small question; What's with the bandanas over the faces? I have an issue with that.

There was a time when men were men and ships were made of wood. A time when a protest really meant something. Millions of people protested during the civil rights movement. Black, white, whatever. These people stood their ground and welcomed being arrested because they stood for something. Martin Luther King didn't wear a bandana over his face. Neither did anyone on the side of civil rights. They didn't burn buildings or set fire to cop cars.  Today it's just about not getting arrested. That's super edgy! These super hard asses pretend to fight for a cause but actually just want to act like assholes and then run away. Where is the sacrifice, liberals? If you are so impassioned about a cause why are you hiding your identity? If smashing a store front window is just and warranted why are you running away?

And then there is the university. The breeding ground of the weakest and most pathetic generation of Americans. Today these kids fall to pieces and demand safe spaces furnished with therapists because someone said abortion is wrong. They call 911 if a fellow student supports Donald Trump because they feel "unsafe". Seven decades ago they stormed Normandy and didn't demand a halt to the invasion because someone said something politically incorrect about Germans.

Back to campus. When these kids apply do they write down "constantly terrified" as a major? Do they have the time to declare a major with all the protesting? How do they study for exams whilst being constantly molested by words they do not like? Is it possible to take a mid term in a safe space?    

I ask because this is some tasty hypocrisy. These tolerant liberals refuse to go to class because they came upon "Trump 2016" chalked on the pavement outside the sociology building. They scream and cry and in the middle of the screaming and crying they phone the media to cover the screaming and crying.

Then the Trump protests happen and they say nothing. Nothing. Suddenly the most evil the most vicious, the most ridiculous "protests" are played down. Championed even. Nothing says feminism like a woman screaming that she cannot function because a fellow student has the audacity to be pro life.  Writing on the sidewalk in support of Trump is cause for therapy and yet burning Donald Trump in effigy is cool and first amendment and everything...

We've all heard of worst case scenarios. I think mine might be seeing my kid on the five o'clock news crying because he saw a Trump sticker and wants to sue the school for not having a safe space within sobbing distance. In this situation I have two choices. Go to the campus and smack my kid silly or grab the missus, pack everything up and move away, not telling the kid. It seems to me for a student to get his degree he has to be a big nancy boy. A whining screaming foot stamping hypocritical little kid. Crying is more important than grades. Screaming about tolerance and free speech while purposefully preventing an alternate point of view may be used as extra credit.

Whether they are on campus quivering because someone said the word capitalism or bravely hiding their identity while torching a cop car these pathetic nancy boys are sadly the future of this country. Anger, tears, riots. All in the name of feelings and tolerance. Assuming you are tolerant to their way of thinking. They know best apparently. Conservatives are evil. They hate everyone. They also don't riot and protest people's positions, opinions and words or destroy property.  

And yet the evil right wingers are still considered the intolerant ones.

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