Everyone a Mandate

Posted by The Boo Man on Tue, 12/20/2016 - 07:35

Does Donald Trump have a mandate?  On the one hand I would say “who the hell knows” since every election someone claims mandate! On the other hand when the minority party is swept into office isn’t it the voters saying “we want to go in another direction”? Isn’t that a mandate? Any road, Hillary’s stunning loss forced the democrats, the media and Don Lemon to search for excuses. Fake news, Russia and the popular vote are all the rage with the popular vote sounding the most sexy.

“The majority of Americans voted for Hillary” says every non republican. Suddenly that means something even though it’s factually and mathematically wrong. First there is the electoral college which the leftists decided after the election should be eliminated. No complaints before hand. Secondly the “majority of Americans voted for Hillary” is nothing more than DNC word salad based on the hope that Americans can’t do math. How is it possible that the majority of Americans voted for Hillary when roughly half of the population actually voted? I think the term is plurality but I don’t want to send anyone to their safe place.

So dear reader, to mandate or not to mandate. That is the question. I say Trump does indeed have a mandate based simply on the republicans having a mandate. A mandate they have been slowly creating over the last eight years. “Impossible!” Shouted a slightly angry John McCain from the democrat senatorial bathroom. The maverick had a bad tummy.

“A mandate indeed” says my high school math teacher as he laid out the map with little fanfare. Today there are 18 democrat  governors. In 2008 there were 29. ( for those of you on the Common Core it’s simple. Fred boards a train on Monday wearing a tweed suit. When the train hits 90 miles an hour three penguins in Portugal escape the trout petting zoo via mopeds. At what time does Fred reach Vancouver?) In other words we’re just not into them. Democrat governors, democrat senators, democrats in general are less popular than athlete's foot. “More statistics?” bemoaned a slightly feminine Rachel Maddow. they went from controlling 25 state legislatures to 12. In all the democrats lost 935 seats over 8 years. Basically the Hindenburg. However instead of doing the smart thing and evaluating honestly, the post mortem they simply blame everyone and everything. Russia, James Comey, the FBI, the CIA, fake news, real news, unreported news and Don Lemon.

All this adds up to the American people wanting something different. Donald Trump has a mandate simply because the republican party has a mandate. A mandate that has been building for nearly a decade. A mandate to go in a different direction. What is happening now just isn’t working no matter what Barry said in his final self congratulatory press conference.

The word mandate gets bandied about too often. However the truth is the whenever the party out of power is swept into power they have a mandate to go in a different direction.

Trump has a mandate. The country said so.

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