The Emperor has no Pantsuits and a Few Other Bits

Posted by The Boo Man on Wed, 12/07/2016 - 08:07

"Demomocrats are forced to be loved, not understood"  squawked a democrat from Iowa. Or was that Oscar Wilde?  Perhaps I should ask Donald Trump but this isn’t about him. It’s about the horrible barnicle on the USS Deplorable captained by her retchedness Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump may not have been the ideal candidate but compared to Hillary he’s Mother Theresa with a Bad tan.

So, the election night.  The awful cow didn’t have the decency to address her most dedicated supporters. Thousands (perhaps all) of her ardent supporters gathered in New York’s Javitz center (did you know the Javits center actually has a glass ceiling?). There they were in all their sobbing glory waiting for their Reagan to address them. However little did they know that their Reagan was in her hotel room cutting the heads off employees of the New York Times.  She got it together long enough to send John Podesta  to speak to her destroyed supporters and there we saw the final lie. Podesta in his short speech told everyone to come back tomorrow because it was not over. Meanwhile Hillary was on the phone conceding to Donald Trump. Even in defeat this poor excuse for a human found it necessary to lie to the people who walked through fire to support her. Says a lot, doesn’t it.

Let's back-up to the Hillary campaign. It wasn’t much of  a campaign. It was Hillary going through the motions like a Las Vegas prostitute. She was told in 2008 that she would be president in 2016 and was now pissed off that anyone anywhere ran against her. She is after all Hillary Clinton. Famous for being famous. Hillary Clinton was the Kardashian of politics. She was the one because she was a Clinton. It was the name and it explains why she pathetically stood by her husband while he had sex with everyone but her. What would she be otherwise? Someone who couldn’t pass the bar exam? She has no personality, no empathy, no clue of what honesty is and a deep belief that she is better than everyone else. That might have been slightly less disgusting if she had a handicap. However her major handicap is that she is Hillary Clinton.

So, what was the next president’s message? Don’t ask Hillary because she had no clue. Wiki leaks has shown us that her staff had no idea either. If the campaign staff and the candidate don’t know why she is running then why is she running.? Obviously the Clintons don’t know, nor does MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Don Lemon.

The most important thing a candidate needs to do earn is trust. So what better way to earn the people’s trust but to get sick, fall down and pretend everything is alright. Even before the 9/11 meltdown most people with eyes believed she was slightly less disabled than Stephen Hawking. Who wants a president that always looks and acts like someone coming off an all night bender? Say what you will about Donald Trump but he is always ready to talk to people. Hillary only talks to people if she has had a fortnight's rest, reviewed the latest polls and their check has cleared. She ran a campaign that avoided campaigning. Hillary was above shaking hands and talking to actual people. She is Hillary Clinton! She is above all that. And she is a woman. well as it turns out There isn’t a glass ceiling that exists only for Hillary Clinton and she won’t be building a presidential library of her own.

Fast forward to a few days ago. The setting is the Hall of Representatives. The star is the overly embalmed Nancy Pelosi. “We know how to win elections” Ms. Pelosi said to a thousand non-democrat seats across the nation. The secretive pall amongst the liberal elite was thick enough to cut with Al Franken’s dull wit. Not far away Tim Ryan gritted his thighs and smiled for the cameras. Several other democrats succumbed to the self inflicted hemlock and Senator Boxer’s wig and her hair stylist slipped into a disused coat room. They wanted to be alone. We all know what Einstein said about insanity. However the democrats want Keith Ellison to be head head of the DNC and Einstein was a jew…

Speaking of Keith Ellison, what a great pick for the democrats. Most everyone who is against Ellison for the DNC chairmanship just see his glaring anti semitism as the problem. However his typical leftwing covert Jewhating is not the biggest problem for the democrat party. First of all the guy is bat shit crazy. When he is on TV and asked questions he doesn’t like he morphs into Alan Grayson. More importantly he is in the same dwindling pool as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the cyclops Harry Reid. They pull the strings and Ellison will do as they say. The anti semitism is just a bonus. Ellison will abide by the rules set by the democrat elites... and Mohamad. A winning combination.

The holidays are here and most of us are forced to pretend we love our relatives. There is the bitter uncle who hates everything (Harry Reid). The loud aunt who dominates every conversation (Chuck Schumer), the in-law who always shows up even when no one told her there is a party (Nancy Pelosi) and then there is the creepy aunt who always kisses everyone on the lips and is always the last one to leave. Jill Stein.  Jill Stein is the Democrat’s creepy aunt. She’s also an experienced pickpocket.

Like most third party candidates Jill Stein is annoying.  Unlike most third party candidates she won’t go away. Ross Perot disappeared. Ralph Nader had a date with Senator Boxer’s hair stylist and Gary Johnson went back to Atlantis. Most others didn’t have to disappear because they were never really there. Jill Stein however won’t go away. She’s clinging to the recount like a kindergartner clinging to his mommy’s leg on the first day of school. And who says tantrums can’t be profitable? Stein has raised exponentially more for the recount than she did for her entire campaign. She has had more coverage now than when she was running. I think she is suffering from Bernie Sanders Disease. Living out her most political fantasies at the expense of the populace.

I have no idea why Sanders decided to run for president. It’s obvious it wasn’t to help anyone. He could have accomplished that during the 25 years he languished in the forgotten regions of the congress. But run he did and the kids, longing for something ridiculous to support latched onto this geriatric socialist’s scrotum. Too busy were these kids staring into their phones that they never noticed that Sanders is 75 yet still sounding and acting like their parents pot smoking college roommate with the Che t-shirt. Although maybe that is why they were attracted to him. He never grew up.  If he won the presidency the entire country would come to a halt because he would spend his entire term looking for the restroom and asking for his pudding.

Three weeks after the election Bernie is pretending he didn’t sell out to the establishment he ran against and Hillary and her team are pretending they didn’t lose. Latching on to the anger because it’s easier than admitting you soured the milk,  they have doubled down on what lost them the election. The other team was racist.

The democrats are the party that stabs itself in the eye with a knife and then prescribes the very same knife for treatment. See Nancy Pelosi’s Cutlery Emporium. They double down like a compulsive gambler. More identity politics and more elitist smuggery...and more losses.

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