Doomers hardest hit over Ghislaine Maxwell's guilty verdicts

Posted by DC on Thu, 12/30/2021 - 21:20

The "but nothing's happening" crowd have been dealt another blow after the jury in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial returned guilty verdicts on 5 of 6 counts.  This comes at a time when they're just getting their legs back after a few Durham indictments and a Rittenhouse acquittal.

The doomers are squealing as if Maxwell was fully acquitted with a standing ovation by the jury and given a limo ride back to her apartment by the judge.

On cue, the doomer narrative changed from "she'll be acquitted" to "the names are sealed and nothing will happen".  They did this recently with Durham, when they went from "there's no Durham investigation" to "nothing will happen and Hillary will be untouched."  Then, recently when it was proven as fact through a court filing that Durham is investigating the Clinton campaign, including penetrating client-privilege materials with Perkins Coie, they went back to their default position of "but nothing will happen."

It used to drive me crazy, but in all honesty, it's comical to me at this point.

Even though the Judge sealed the names involved, it's not like they're immune from investigation or prosecution.  In fact, it's my belief that's what's happening.  The doomer would say definitely not.

Epstein.  Maxwell.  Peter Nygard.  John of God.  Prince Andrew.  Harvey Weinstein.  Keith Raniere.  Jean-Luc Brunel.  It goes on and on, and the deep state is watching those who were untouchable drop like flies over the past few years.

This is "nothing's happening"?  What effect does this have on those who've been operating under the assumption of invincibility over the years as their protectors are rolled up?

Maxwell, who was in the circles of the most powerful people in the world for decades, is now staring down a 30+ year prison sentence.  She went from perpetual luxury and gratification to prison.  If you tell her "nothing's happening", how do you think she'd respond?  I bet she'd say something like "then why the F*K am I standing here in an orange jumpsuit?"

What would Jake Tapper's producer say?  What would Chris Cuomo, or his producer say?  What would Andrew Cuomo say?  How's Juicy Smollett doing?  How about those protected by the likes of Clintons and Cuomos, like Steve Pigeon?

I bet these people aren't too happy with the way things are going, yet the doomers are less happy than they are.  Why is that, and why would anyone allow themselves to be influenced by such losers?

Intellectually, doomers are stunted.  They can't appreciate the march towards the top of the pyramid, and they can't accept that all of these powerful people in full-blown panic, as each high-profile pedo is popped, are weakening the pillars of the globalists.

The media is falling apart from pedo busts (for perspective, Lemon, Cooper, and Toobin are PUBLIC personalities -- imagine the sickness behind the camera).  Powerful people are stepping down from positions, like Les Wexner, or the CEO of Barclays, and many more Epstein-connected freaks.

Do you think they think "nothing's happening"?

Hell, Creepy's son was photographed naked with a towel hanging over his junk while walking around with a ~10 year old in lingerie on a leash.  These sickos aren't getting away with their crimes.

Stop listening to doomers.  As I always say, we're moving forward in the war, and wars are won by smaller battle victories.  The biggest problem with those easily influenced by black-pilled doomers is they have committed to timelines as to when they think the bottom is supposed to fall out, and if we're not watching the elites standing on the gallows by [insert date here], then "nothing's happening" and "nothing will happen."

This is such rudimentary thinking that reveals a complete lack of understanding about how the world and human nature works.  It shows the total obliviousness to the size, scope, and complexity of the problem, and all the countries and law enforcement involved to bring forth justice.

Jeffery and Ghislanie were the beginning, not the end.  Stop listening to doomers; they'll make you stupid.  Meanwhile, when are those new GITMO courtrooms opening up?



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