Don't listen to "conservative" clowns who say the machine audits are futile

Posted by DC on Thu, 05/27/2021 - 21:27

I've seen a narrative circulating through the lower-IQ digital cybersphere that declares the machine audits a waste of time.  Sadly, these are coming from "conservatives" who don't seem to understand how stupid they sound.

Those pushing this insanity think Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, and Mike Flynn are kooks and have poisoned the well, sort of speak, for any upcoming audit findings.  This, of course, is beyond ridiculous, and if you subscribe to this idiocy, go slam your hand in your car door.

Anyone who's been fighting for the election audits is a patriot and should go down as modern day freedom fighters for the independence of our country.

For now, let's freeze any findings from the machine audits and put those to the side.  Instead, think about what the reaction by the coup-plotters has been.  Think about the fake news meltdowns (I've seen the clips) of that dude Maddow and the body-double of that kid from "Deliverance".

If you're investigating a murder and inspecting a suspect's house, and they fight you every step of the way, that tells everyone watching that something isn't right.  If you're about to leave and say "well, thanks, but before we leave, we'd like to look in that closet", and the suspect jumps in front of it guarding it for dear life, then obviously, something is in there that's not good for him if you find it.

As Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett said:

As a business that has been audited and as an auditor, when somebody doesn’t want you to audit something, that’s probably the biggest sign that something needs to be audited.

Reactions to the machine audits alone have been critical to penetrating the minds of bystanders and casual observers, causing them to do what the the Cheney-Romney RINOs fear the most: think and ask questions.

The reaction of Maricopa County officials, Georgia officials, and officials and representatives in Michigan have prompted millions to take notice and wonder why they're behaving like someone just found a bloody knife covered with their fingerprints.

The machine audits lead to us learning that they lied about having the passwords to their machines.  We learned that the tabulators can change the totals and back-date them.  We learned the machines were hooked up to the internet more than your nephew's X-Box.

In Maricopa, we learned the election database containing the main voting tallies was deleted AFTER the subpoena.  We learned the routers were shared with law enforcement, which would prevent certification.  We learned the the county wasn't even in control of their elections.

The goodies surrounding the machine audits are worth their weight in gold, while the data obtained from the audits will serve to forensically corroborate the data obtained from the audits of ballots, along with canvassing.

The machine audits are indeed very important, and the individuals working on them are professionals.  Why would anyone not want to audit the machines, or think it's a waste of time?  These machines are not only unsecure, but they're designed that way.  Why would you not want them forensically audited?

Who cares if the media and anti-Trump RINOs call the auditors "conspiracy theorists"?  These are the same geniuses who've called President Trump a Russian agent and made pee-pee on a hotel bed.

The media has framed Lindell, Powell, and others as "conspiracy theorists", and frightened timid conservatives are scared to death of being labeled as such.  What is it about that term that causes knees to go weak of conservatives who are desperate to be taken seriously?

The COVID narrative has been the cover to distract from the audits and election coup, and it's now falling apart in real time.  Even Fauci, who I never really took seriously because he doesn't have any power beyond coaxing stupid people to listen to him, is tapping out and saying it's possible the virus came from a Chinese lab.

What do they have left?  No COVID hoax, no money, and after Judge Amero in Georgia smacks down their motion to dismiss, the panic will really set in because a judge in Georgia who's not intimidated will be a major shift.

As the audit in Maricopa approaches 1mm ballots inspected, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are on deck:



We've gone from "ha, you guys haven't had any cases hit the courts!" to "please oh please Judge, don't let this audit happen!".  These audits are legit, and the machines compliment the ballots and canvassing.  No stone will be left unturned, and yes, President Trump will be sworn in after a few of the states decertifyThere will be no choice.



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