Do not pray for Hunter - he and his family are enemies of our country

Posted by DC on Thu, 10/15/2020 - 19:57

UPDATED 10/15 21:51 EDT: Added tweet at bottom of article

I’m seeing the tweets circulate about how we need to pray for Hunter, because he’s a troubled man and this is supposed to be about Joe Biden.  This attitude is at the core of why the GOP loses and allows Marxism (in this case, via China) to infiltrate our country and culture.  Do not get soft on them.



I like Margot Cleveland, and it’s obvious she has a big heart, but her kindness is the reason why our country has been compromised and allowed the enemy to pour in and seize control of officials throughout our government.

DO NOT pray for them; pray for their demise.

To put it diplomatically, Hunter needs to do the honorable thing and fall on his sword.  I don’t care about the drug use and banging prostitutes.  On personal liberty, I’m radically libertarian, to the point where I want hardcore druggies to overdose because I think it cleans out the gene pool.  National security, however, is a different story.

China’s tentacles have wound their way into every nook and cranny of D.C., and it’s because of corrupt slime like Hunter and his father.  China essentially writes our legislation and has enjoyed the benefits of our defense and space technology because of traitors like the Bidens.

Hunter was selling access to Chinese intelligence operatives.  For years we’ve made the case that leftists don’t care about the country and national security, and this is further proof.  The CCP-controlled media is literally protecting people who were selling national security to our enemies.  I wonder why?

DO NOT go soft on these people.  He was putting our country in serious danger, which puts you and your family in danger.  Thank the Lord that Trump won, because we’d know nothing about any of this.

As I type this, Tucker is about to release some more dirt from Hunter's emails, and according to a tweet earlier by Chanel Rion, things are about to get a lot worse for the Bidens (here's a plausible theory):



Do not be complicit in the Bidens' traitorous dealings by letting your feelings and inclination for forgiveness mitigate the extreme seriousness of their actions. Hunter wasn't selling access to get some crooked real estate developers some expedited zoning favors; he was selling the United States to China, and for that, there is one justified punishment, and you know what that is.

Do not pray for someone who would sell you and your family's security.  If you do, you're part of the problem.




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