Did Huma hear the bus start up?

Posted by DC on Sun, 10/30/2016 - 21:12

This is from th3j35t3r, who always seems to have the jump on stories:

I'm getting UNCONFIRMED (as yet) chatter that the 10,000+ emails & files connected to Clinton which were found on Wiener's computer where placed in a folder named "Life Insurance." The information was discovered by the NYPD Special Victim Unit, who had a warrant, but delivered it to the FBI, circumventing the Justice Department and Loretta Lynch. Other reports also say that the FBI is currently investigating the Clinton Global Initiative, possibly for RICO crime which cannot be pardoned by POTUS. Keep in mind, this newly mentioned investigation is a separate investigation from the private email server and it's been going on for a long time.

I interpret this as Huma knew her day might come, and hid these emails on Weiner's device.  I suppose, unbeknownst to her, Weiner was sexting a 15 year old and was under investigation by the SVU, which tangled up her emails she was saving in case the bus was fired up.  Since she didn't know about the investigation and found folder containing the emails, it comes back around, and she could be in trouble for perjury.

So far, this thing makes sense to me.  One thing that is known in DC is Hillary would have no idea how to ever send an email.  She is old school, where she writes things down on a notepad.  I guess she does this in case she has to shred it, but who knows.  The point is Hillary has never sent, or probably read, an email in her life.  All that goes through Huma, who really is her gatekeeper, who prints out emails for her to read.  This makes it even easier to nudge Huma into oncoming traffic, but Huma thought she was smart by saving some emails.  Well, next time, don't marry a degenerate who sexts teenagers and hide stuff on his phone.

What's on the emails?  Who knows, but it must be pretty juicy if Huma thought they could protect her.  Or, was this coordinated with Hillary, and the emails incriminate Obama?  Unfortunately for the Trump supporters, we won't know until after the election.  Trump will be well into his fraud trial before anything about Hillary starts brewing.  It does seem the writing is on the wall for Hillary.  Tim Kaine is slapping himself in the face and doing pushups yelling "It's game time baby!".  It seems to me we'll be saying "President Kaine" in the not too distant future, after Hillary is either indicted, impeached, or takes a spill in her shower.

This is going to throw a kink into the Weiner's divorce plans.  Since a spouse can't testify against the other, they may hold tight onto their vows for a little bit longer.  I wonder if the divorce was going to be the hammer that would have kept Weiner safe by testifying against his otherwise would-be ex-wife to take down Hillary.  There are so many plot lines here, and this is all speculation of course, but I'm munching on a big bowl of popcorn.

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