Posted by The Boo Man on Tue, 04/26/2016 - 02:32

Denmark. Home of the Dutch and poster child for Bernie Sanders' vision for America. For the better part of what seems like forever the grumpy socialist has been explaining how giving free everything will work. Denmark.

Oh Denmark How do I love thee? Let me count the taxes.  Are you sitting comfortably on your bottom? Then I'll begin.

The Dutch wake up in the morning and are immediately hit with a gross tax. They haven't even had their tea yet. On their way to work they are hit with a commuter tax because everyone needs to be taxed traveling to their job where they are further taxed with an income tax. While the good people of Denmark are laboring away they are paying a municipality tax and a health tax in case they get unwell. Some of the money left over from the income tax is used to pay for the land value tax. And when on their way home after a days laboring to pay all these taxes they may stop at a shop and buy a soda paying a 25 percent value added tax.

Free indeed. And all that to coddle roughly 6,500,000 people (including Faroe and Greenland) perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.  So, all that tax for the population of Tennessee. But those people need to be defended so this glorious beacon of awesomeness spends 3 billion US dollars a year on their military. I don't blame them though. After all they have the US and NATO to bail them out if needed.

As always it is what they won't tell us. In Bernie's defence I doubt he knew to begin with.  His interview with the New York Daily News editorial board proved he knows little, has no idea how to implement his agenda and has little interest in anything other than his pet project which is punishing people for having what he never had. Drive.

So yes, we can be like Denmark. Assuming we do the unthinkable and ask everyone aside from the very poor to contribute or abort 350,000,000 people. Bernie won't agree with the tax bit but he like all leftists are comfortable with even the most late of late term abortions.

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