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Democrats, I Understand Your Anger

Well, the best an actual human can. Wednesday was supposed to be a holiday for you. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving all rolled into one. I know I mentioned holidays that involve religion and that makes you angry so perhaps I should use sports metaphors. Wednesday could’ve been your super bowl. It should have been your progressive world series victory many times over. But someone with a gun other than your guy ruined it for you.

You cannot win elections anymore because your views are less palatable than castor oil administered by Nancy Pelosi in nothing but a thong and yet you can’t help yourselves. You continue to make your views unthinkable to the American people and ostracize anyone on the left who shows even the slightest objection to your policies. Those on the right are simply beaten and or murdered.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. The second coming of the Lord (You guys don’t mind biblical references when it involves Obama) didn’t pan out as planned. His election was supposed to usher in a century of democrat domination, government control, world peace and total subjugation of minorities. The government control and minorities thing worked out well however the domination bit not so much.

Eight years and one thousand plus election losses can take a toll on a snowflake. However Hillary Clinton, the smartest and most awesomest woman ever was to be the gauze that would stanch the bleeding. That plan fell apart almost as badly as Hillary's campaign which fell apart more astonishingly than her last campaign. And that campaign was riddled with more mistakes than her wedding night. (I’d say “ask Bill” but he probably wasn’t there). State after state, district after district the democrats looked like the Baltimore Orioles, campaigned like the Baltimore Orioles but handled their losses like the Sturmabteilung.

When the second calling (Barack) ascended to the white house there were no riots. There were no protesters wearing pussy hats setting cars on fire during his inauguration. Over the course of his presidency there was a small group of people that questioned his citizenship however they never killed anyone nor wished the president dead. Now, this is where the left jumps up, points their fingers and screams “Teabaggers!”. Not quite, snowflakes. The Tea party is not a random group of angry people that randomly attack people and destroy property. They get permits, have a rally and leave the place cleaner than before they were there. No violence, no property damage and no stupid women dressed up as vaginas. Yes if you dress up as a vagina because you don’t like the new president you are a stupid woman and a woman few drunk men will want to sleep with. As far as the sober men, we just pity you. Shave. Hairy is not the new black, it’s the new angry.

There exists this really thick vein of hypocrisy and absolute non negotiable, all encompassing hatred running through the democrats left liberal progressive socialists. They preach inclusiveness yet any democrat who is pro life is not welcome in the party according to Tom Perez, the head of the DNC and swearing enthusiast. They hate guns and want them out of the hands of everyone except democrats willing to kill republicans. Oh and Muslims who kill everyone.

They love guns when they are turned on republicans. They can’t win elections based on their vison foe America so they quietly cheer their hypocritical gun control gun toting volunteers. Can’t beat them at the ballot box? Beat them over the head with the ballot box. Their messiah said “If they bring a knife we bring a gun”. He wasn’t joking. Our knives are facts. Their guns are actual guns and they use them every chance they get. And when not shooting or looting they set things alight. They twist themselves into shapes that would make a chiropractor shudder so they can give Islam a pass. Not radical, Islam. Why? Simple . Democrats hate Christianity and there is nothing more opposite to Christianity than Islam. Christianity though not perfect promotes love and tolerance. Islam is all about hate, rape, subjugation (the democrats were paying attention) torture and most importantly submission. But why do the left hate christianity more than religion in general?

The constitution for one.

The constitution may only have one direct reference to religion however the founding fathers were Christian. It’s bad enough these men wrote the document that prevents the left from turning us into Venezuela but to add insult to injury those men prayed to God. And I’m not talking about Barack.

So, they can’t get the majority of the American people embrace abortion on demand. They can’t get the American people to embrace taxing the hell out of the “rich” to keep a large portion of the country dependent on government. They can’t get the American people to understand that if a man decides he is a women he can use a woman’s bathroom and they just can’t seem to convince the American people that faceless bureaucrats and career politicians should be telling them how to raise their kids and make all their healthcare decisions for them. Democrats believe they should decide for the American people when they can have children, where to educate those children. How to educate those children and what to feed those children. The democrats believe the American people do not have the right to defend themselves or their families and the criminals that threaten them are the victims. They believe they should decide how much money the American people earn and how much of it they get to keep.

This had never been more apparent that the Obama administration and the people rejected it en masse. The democrats's response has been nothing but vicious. Only slightly less aggressive than Al Qaeda. We’ve hit a boiling point with the election of President Trump. A flawed president and a RINO in the extreme but the only thing he is guilty of is beating Hillary Clinton. The audacity, the gall, the nerve of the American people to vote for a republican is grounds for violence. Implied or real. And Wednesday it got real.

But not real enough.

No republicans died. Rep. Steve Scalise is in critical condition so I suppose that’s a consolation prize. But the world series of leftism, the progressive super bowl didn’t happen. Blood was shed but no souls taken. If there was ever a case for obstruction of justice this is it. Democrats believe republicans should be killed to death if they can’t be impeached or incarcerated. This is justice to them so of course they want to disarm legally armed Americans. They want the “tolerant” left to buy their weapons illegally and shoot anyone who isn’t a socialist. Which frighteningly is most of the country. I get it, democrats. You can’t get us to go along with your authoritarian policies and we’re just not dying quickly enough. I would be angry too if I was a wannabe reincarnation of Mao, Lenin and Castro with a touch of Dr. Mengle.

Moments after the shooting Terry MCauliffe, the skeeviest of the political skeevy claimed 93 million Americans die every day from gun violence...twice. Was that a mistake or an objective?