The Democrat candidates are auditioning for China's support

Posted by DC on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 14:10

Beyond any reasonable doubt, the candidates for the Democrat nomination are openly running against the American people.  Why would they do this?  Why would candidates, on every single issue, go against the well being of the country and our people?  It’s because they’re auditioning for support from China.

If you’ve been watching Creepy Joe for the past few months, you’ve probably wondered how someone so incompetent, clearly mentally gone, and flat-out creepy be polling so far above the field.  Sure, he’s running against a bunch of other anti-American losers, but how’s he maintaining such distance?

Biden is a devout spokesperson for China.  When someone pays you a few billion dollars, you tend to support them and become their advocate, and he’s been a staunch defender of our enemy.

The reason why Biden has been dropping in the polling is because his mental incompetence and health is at the forefront, and no amount of support from China can mask it.  Everyone sees him stumbling over his own thoughts and fighting the urges to grab people (something that’s basically an instinct to him).

What’s funny about China is they don’t know how the anti-Americanism of the candidates is rejected by us citizens. They literally lose on every single issue, but the candidates do know anti-Americanism appeals to China.  The Democrats have seen that complete incompetence can be taken a long way in the campaign with support from China.

China desperately wants Trump to go down in 2020.  Trump has China in a Chinese finger-trap, where every move they make works against them.  Dump the dollar? Import prices go up.  Tariffs go up?  Business leave.  Publicly criticize Trump?  US sells weapons to Taiwan.  Advance OBOR?  Trump makes a play for Greenland.  At every turn, China is getting hammered.

I don’t think China is as strong as some experts believe.  I don’t buy the strategy that they can outlast us for a sustained duration of time.  The Chinese own our media as well, hence the desperate narratives that Trump is taking us to a recession, and how economically superior China is, so we should just give up and take a knee.

Of the viable (in the Democrats’ view – they’re all unelectable clowns) candidates, we have Sanders and Warren, both of whom want to make Communism great again, while knowing it doesn’t play well outside of teachers’ lounges in academia.

Remember when Sanders used to pretend that he wasn’t a fan of China?  Not so much anymore.  All of a sudden, China’s great for their people.


(Video removed by Soy Valley communists)


Sanders will be about 132 years old in 2020, but Warren is the spring chicken at age 70.  Like Sanders, Warren wants take out a major leg of our economy: the energy sector.

This was the track of the Hussein Obama EPA, but President Trump has been taking a machete to regulations, letting small businesses start to breath again.  With small business growing stronger, our consumer base increases, as does energy consumption from domestic sources which reduces our dependence on China.  Killing our small business and domestic energy production is a passion of Warren's. 

Nobody wants to destroy the country from every angle like China.  Our economy, culturally, militarily; basically the Democrat platform.  The Democrats want to prove to China they hate the country and are willing to go all in, guilt free.

The second political weapon in the anti-Trump campaign are those political leaders and lobbyists in Washington who can be enlisted to oppose Trump. "There are quite a few of these individuals who have been corrupted by the CCP for many years … and so they will be the No. 2 weapon," Guo said.

If you were curious how Warren, a Marxist clown who has nails-on-a-chalkboard effect on people has seemingly lapped Sanders to the top spot, there’s your answer.  Her economic platform would devastate the country, and that’s music to China’s ears.  Her public opposition to China will serve as cover.

Warren's passion to destroy our economy is second-to-none, and nobody could weaken us guilt-free like Warren.  I knew whoever cozied up to the Clintons would be making a China play, so lo and behold when I saw Warren palling around with the one who keeps China nice and fat with American secrets, Warren's bump as of late made sense.

Even with Bernie turning into a cheerleader for China, look for Warren, with her new China proxy Hillary, to continue to be the Democrats' darling.  If Trump runs against Chief Running White Bull, look for Trump to take at least 45 states.


Running White Bull


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