The Decline and Fall of Bernie Sanders

Posted by The Boo Man on Sun, 08/07/2016 - 07:01

Bernie Sanders spoke tonight at the DNC convention. He was treated like a rock star. They screamed, they swooned. All that was missing was an introduction by Ed Sullivan. What followed was something slightly more anticlimactic than a night with a eunuch. Bernie, the pretend anti establishment candidate gave in to the establishment and will now go back to the congress where he has been serving for a quarter century. In other words back to the establishment. All he did was waste a lot of people’s money in order to live out his Che fantasy.

It’s not what you say that counts. It is in the end what you do. Actions not words. Bernie based his campaign on specific policies. Policies he believed would help the American people. Policies that were the antithesis to Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders repeatedly said Hillary was part of the problem. Now he is endorsing that problem.

Was he ever really against her?

I don’t think he cares. Bernie, throughout his campaign revealed that not only does he not know anything but he has never had any ambition to learn. As the world continued to fall apart he just continued to ramble on about people that have more than him.

From Day one Bernie Sanders shouted about the hardships of those that aren’t millionaires but could never explain how he would actually rescue them from not being millionaires. It didn’t matter as long as people were cheering him and he could use the word revolution as often as possible. For the first time in his pathetic life Bernie was actually important. He was achieving something. Sort of. It looks like he was fulfilling his dorm room dream of putting himself in Che Guevara’s trousers for a year. A costly fantasy. Twenty seven dollars per punter to be exact. Millions of dollars spent so the revolutionary candidate could end up doing the least revolutionary thing. Support the establishment. Perhaps that is why the so called revolutionaries die young. It prevents them from doing the inevitable. Screwing over the people they claim to champion.

Milli Vanilli had more authenticity than Bernie Sanders. I don’t think Sanders ever thought about authenticity. He basically stumbled out of the gate like a baby giraffe and then suddenly found himself in the running for the nomination. The problem here is Bernie has never worked hard for anything in his life. He doesn’t believe he has to. He believes he is owed. Much like his supporters. This whole idea of working hard scared the hell out of him. He gave up really fast. He threw in the towel when he refused to go after Hillary on her emails. I see why. He spent his life just getting by while demanding everyone else compensate for him. He got scared.  Being president is hard work. Bernie has never experienced hard work. That’s why he is a congressman.

So let’s fast forward to the convention. Like private sector work Bernie easily abandoned his “revolution”. His followers cried and protested. Demanded and screamed not knowing their savior checked out weeks ago. He went out not with a bang but with an op-ed. This week he wrote a piece that was more pathetic than a homeless kitten. It was all about what Clinton “understands” and how evil Trump is. Throw in some LGBT and a dash of global warming and Bernie delivered another establishment tome. Never mind the bollocks, don’t vote for Clinton.

Comrade Bernie is the establishment. He alway has been and his “revolution” is a sham. However due to the country’s thirst for an outsider he was able to lie his way into the history books by pretending to be an independent. Liberals bought it. They also bought the idea of white privilege. I guess a sucker is born every minute.

Sometimes they run for president.

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