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Posted by DC on Sun, 01/31/2021 - 13:03

I've been extremely busy over the past few weeks, and there's a ton of news I wanted to hit, but I first have to catch up.  In the mean time, I didn't want to go too long without posting.

First, where are we with Creepy and post-"inauguration"?

I've heard enough of how "I got things wrong", and I shouldn't be in the prediction business.  True, but I don't make predictions.  I do have strong confidence on how things will go, based on facts and data we have at the time, and I need to hear counter-arguments with competing data and facts beyond emotional cries of "but nothing's happening!".  I argue, actually, that we were pretty spot on.

The reality is things are far more corrupt than we could have imagined.  For example, if I have a killer on tape committing the murder, and an audio confession, and witnesses under oath, with the murder weapon, I would say with blustering confidence that I'm certain the criminal is done and he's going to jail for a long time.

What happens when the evidence is brought to the police and it's ignored?  What happens when the evidence is brought to a court and it's not even heard?  What happens when government structures in place of which we've relied on our entire lives, albeit with scattered corruption, turn out to be completely corrupt and owned by foreign entities, and when we need them the most, they not only ignore us, but fight against us?

I didn't see that coming at the scale we've witnessed over the past few months and Trump's first term, and neither did you.  One court case was surely going to break through.  Surely one Republican state government official would raise hell and lead the charge to expose the election heist.  Nope.  Not even one.  Meanwhile, I have to listen to idiots on our side talk about how Democrats stole the election when it was Republicans who did so, but that's for another article.

OK.  Our institutions are far worse than I could have ever imagined.  Got it.  I'm the guy in early 2017 who thought Roger Stone should be committed to an insane asylum for saying that Democrats were going to impeach the President for no reason.  How adorable was I?

President Trump ripped the mask off this farce we've been living under during our lives, and more people than ever are witnessing this accomplishment.  However, it's because of this that I'm more confident than ever that things aren't as they may seem.

It may sound crazy and improbable, but you calling my perspective "improbable" is only happening right now because 100mm Americans' votes were ignored and stolen and given to Creepy right in front of our faces.  The courts did nothing, law enforcement did nothing, and government officials did nothing.  I'll see your "improbable" and raise.

There's too many oddities with Creepy's actions, the "administration's" behavior, and what's happening with the military.  For a cabal who want to sell a narrative that Creepy won 80mm votes and is the most popular president in history, they sure aren't acting like it.  Robo-signing stacks of executive orders does not make one a president.

I'm gathering the news items to formulate a more in-depth article and analysis, but I'll leave it at this: it seems, somehow, President Trump took military control out of Creepy's hands, at least for a period of time.  Meanwhile, more strides are being made against the fraudulent election.

If you told me two years ago that Creepy would have "an inauguration", I would have broken out in a panic.  However, from what I'm seeing, I'm not conceding defeat, and in fact I'm feeling pretty damn confident.

A few quick hits to tide me over to my next article:

What's happening with GameStop?

It's a distraction from our elections.  Sure, some hedge funds will have a few sleepless nights, but the deep state will make it all nice and better.  The retail investors grouping together are pulling the rug out from people standing in a foam pit.

These people stole an election from us in broad daylight; the last thing they worry about is more of their corruption being exposed.  They own the election system.  Until that problem is solved, the only certainty is they'll be made whole while retail investors will eat their positions (which they are willing to do).

Silver seems to be the next attack front, and that could get interesting, but the cabal-controlled financial institutions will be fine, even if a few players are sacrificed.

Remember, new perspective: they're far more corrupt than we could have imagined.

What's happening with Trump's Senate trial?

What?  I thought Trump was out of office?

What's happening with Durham?

I think a few shoes are going to drop from that centipede.  I haven't dumped my Durham stock yet.

Do the Republicans have a chance in 2022?

Of course!  You don't think they stole the election for nothing, do you?

I got banned on Facebook and Twitter! Where should I go?

Gab. It's the only place you don't have to worry, and everyone is still funneling over to them.

What should everyone be focused on right now?

Figuring out how to remove our corrupted, foreign-controlled election system.  I haven't ruled out the patriots are on this, but we should collectively strategize.




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