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Posted by DC on Mon, 10/24/2016 - 14:15

This is a summary of the ongoing "conversation" between conservatives and Trump supporters (human supporters, not the bots that manipulate them).  We spelled out the road map of how the election was going to go down.  So far, it's been pretty damn spot on.

-- pre-nomination --

Trump supporter (TS):  We need to Make America Great Again!

Conservative (C):  Ted Cruz 2016!

TS:  No way!  We need to nominate Donald J. Trump!  He'll take it to Hillary and will destroy her one-on-one in the debates!

C:  No he won't.  He has too much baggage, is too disorganized, and really has no grasp on the issues.  Hillary will demolish him.  He has nothing he can run on.

TS:  She can't!  She's corrupt, and Donald will expose her.  Trump is a genius and has the media on his side!  Plus, Trump is winning in all the polls!

C:  Those same polls also say Cruz, Rubio, and anyone else will beat Hillary and show Trump getting beat by Hillary.  Also, the media is pumping him up now but will tear him down after he's nominated.

TS:  One-on-one, Trump will demolish her!  She'll try and roll around in the mud with Donald and will be in HIS world!  That's the only way to beat Hillary!

C:  Let me be very clear: IF YOU NOMINATE TRUMP, HILLARY WINS.  I know you will come back around and harass me to vote for him, but I can't vote for a liberal.  I'm a conservative.  He's your problem, not mine.  Now is your chance to prevent Hillary from taking the White House.

TS:  We don't need conservatives.  Trump is getting massive support from everybody!

C:  Yes you do need us.  Just understand that if you nominate Trump, you're handing the election to Hillary.

TS:  Trump is going to win big!

-- present time, a few weeks from the election --

C:  So, how's that election thing going?

TS:  Trump is winning!  The polls are rigged, but Donald is winning!

C:  If that's winning, I'd hate to see losing.  I thought you liked the polls.  You mentioned them non-stop during the primaries, but now you say they're rigged?

TS:  Yes!  The MSM wants Hillary to win!  It's not fair!

C:  But I thought Trump is a genius and knows how to manipulate the media?

TS:  Hillary is corrupt, colluded with the FBI, lies, and has health problems.  She can barely stand up!

C:  And she's still trouncing Donald?

TS:  Because the media is protecting her and attacking Donald!  The MSM is lying about all these harassment claims from all these women who are suddenly coming out now, while not talking about Bill's victims!

C:  Yes, it's called politics.  Did you not think the Clintons may know a little something about bare-knuckle politics?  Again, you said Trump is a genius and knows how to play the media.  He brings them ratings, remember?

TS:  Well, he's still better than Hillary.  We can't let her back into the White House again!

C:  I know.  That's why I voted for Ted Cruz and told you that Trump will bring Hillary.  You didn't listen and here we are.

TS:  You Cruz fans lost!  You need to get over it!

C:  I am over it.  Hillary won.  I've accepted it.  Still, I'm writing in Ted Cruz.

TS:  Then you're voting for Hillary!

C:  No, again, I voted for Cruz in the primaries.  I told you during the primaries that nominating Trump is the one guy Hillary wanted and could beat.  I told you nominating Trump hands Hillary the White House, but you didn't listen.

TS:  But the media...

C:  The media pumped Trump up early on, and then turned on him after he was nominated.  We told you they would.  They wanted him to be the nominee so Hillary could win.

TS:  That's because the election is rigged!

C:  I agree.  We saw that during the GOP Convention.

TS:  What happened at the convention?

C:  The GOP stole the nomination from the conservatives.

TS:  But Donald had the delegates to win!

C:  Because of 12 million Democrat crossover voters in open primary states.  Those primary wins, thanks to Democrat crossover votes, bound the delegates to their state convention rules.  The delegates wanted to vote according to their state and conscience.  The GOP prevented the rules vote to hand Trump the nomination, thereby handing the election to Hillary.  You supported a candidate nominated by Democrats and wanted by Democrats to be the nominee.  The moment you voted to nominate Trump was the moment you were complicit in handing Hillary the White House.

TS:  But it's done, and now we have Trump, so we need to vote for him to keep Hillary out of the White House.

C:  No, she already has the White House.  She's cruising to victory, and probably still has a juicy October surprise ready to drop.  They save the best for last.  You lost, and need to get over it.

TS:  But Trump is our last chance for a conservative SCOTUS justice.  He's going to nominate a conservative and preserve the Second Amendment!  Hillary will nominate a liberal!

C:  Correct, Hillary will nominate a liberal, and that liberal will get pushed through by an even more liberal Senate since Trump supporters don't hit the conservative down ballot.

TS:  What's a down ballot?

C:  It's the rest of the ballot that many Trump supporters ignored during the primaries.  Even if Donald, who voted for Carter, Kerry, and then Hillary in 2008, who thinks judges sign bills, and is the nominee of a party that is actively fighting against conservatives, actually won and nominated a conservative justice, because of the behavior of Trump supporters at the ballot box, we will have a much less conservative Senate to confirm such a justice.  Also, why would you want a conservative justice when you didn't vote for the most conservative candidate in the primaries?

TS:  But Hillary will gut the Second Amendment!

C:  Yes, she will, but even Trump wrote in his book he hates guns, donated to anti-Second Amendment candidates, and even supported bans on some guns.  That's who you decided should be President.  Again, you handed Hillary in the White House, not me.

TS:  So, you're not voting?

C:  I am voting.  I'm writing in Cruz and hitting the most conservative down ballot.

TS:  Well, then you're electing Hillary!

C:  No, you already elected Hillary.  I'm trying to clean up what I can of your mess by sticking it to the establishment and trying to at least preserve what conservatives I can on the ballot.

TS:  We'll see!  Donald J. Trump is going to Make America Great Again!

C:  America is already great.  You just hurt it more by electing Hillary because you're uninformed and easily manipulated.  Your inability to think is directly hurting me.  Yet, I'm the one trying to get to the ballot box so I can vote for the conservatives, and I'm the one who told you not to vote for Donald, yet you call me the Hillary supporter.

TS:  Donald is going to get rid of Obama Care.  Hillary is going to make it worse!

C:  No, Donald has been very adamant about supporting a universal health care system where "everybody is covered" and "the government is going to pay for it".  You want government-run health care.  I don't.

TS:  But Donald is going to cut taxes!

C:  No, Donald continues the same heavy progressive tax plan that is one of the Marxist planks.  You didn't do the research on your candidate, so you didn't know that, just like you didn't know how he is against guns and how he wants universal health care.

TS:  Well, you're wrong.  Mr. Trump is going to Make America Great Again, you'll see.  This is like BREXIT.

C:  No it isn't.  Even the BREXIT polling on the last days had it super tight.  Hillary is exhibiting a blowout.  Also, this is a US Presidential election and apples and oranges to BREXIT, but nice try.

TS:  Don't believe the polls.  They're lying!

C:  OK.  I will ignore the polling that have solid red states turned into battleground states.  Donald will even lose his home state.  Texas is a battleground state now.  Cruz would have held these red states.

TS:  Cruz lost!  You need to get over it!

C:  I am over it.  Hillary won thanks to people like you.  You need to get over it.

...and scene.

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