BREAKING: Mass shooter on movie set kills one, injures another

Posted by DC on Fri, 10/22/2021 - 16:15

A shooter on a movie set killed one, Halyna Hutchins, 42, and injured another, a 48 year old male.

The shooter has a history of public violent outbursts and displays of mental derangement, including a road rage incident where he punched a man for the unforgivable crime of taking his parking spot in New York City.  Residents of the city rarely encounter others taking their parking spots.

In another incident, he refused to turn off his electronics on a plane, as the rest of us must do per FAA rules, and was removed from the flight because of an enraged defiant outburst.  He subsequently berated the flight attendant on social media for ordering him to do what flight attendants have instructed literally every passenger to do since the invention of portable electronics and the age of air travel have overlapped.

In another episode of rage, he assaulted a paparazzo photographer, because the movie star was not used to being photographed in public, and that was the last straw.  In another incident with the paparazzi, he shoved a photographer against the wall for asking about his new marriage, which is uncharacteristic behavior for gossip columns.

The deranged subject also was arrested in 2014 for aggressive behavior towards a police officer, as he was riding his bike the wrong way on the sidewalk while everyone else was required to ride the other way.

Past tweets of the shooter have been unearthed, including one where he apparently fantasized about what it must be like to "accidentally" kill someone.

The media has ruled this an accidental shooting, pre-investigation, so whoever manages the movie props is clearly the one to blame.  Questions are still at large regarding who thought it was a good idea to give an individual with a history of mentally unstable behavior a loaded weapon.

One suspect in this incident is potential Russian asset Donald J. Trump, as allegations of an invocation of the "Trump curse" are surfacing.

Please pray for the victims, and if you know anyone with mental health problems, please try to get them help.


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