Audits, military, and Trump's inevitable return to the White House

Posted by DC on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 07:09

How confident am I that Trump will officially be back in the White House in the near future?  When he's back in, I don't think I'll care much because I've been operating under the certainty that he will.  Why am I so certain?

Here's the punchline: the military has removed WMDs that were available to use as contingencies by the enemy for when they'd really need it, and the good guys took control of compromising materials on everyone in government, essentially neutralizing control the CCP and others had.

Trump and a band of patriots in the intelligence community allowed the election to happen for the purpose of exposing and rolling up CCP infiltrators and their conspirators by using Creepy as a big piece of bait, while everyone surrounding and controlling him are boxed in by the patriots.

When I said Trump was taking the enemy into deep waters, I had no idea how right I really was.

The commie infiltrators were able to gain control of government over the decades by racking up compromising material of all types.  They also were able to embed bio-weapons or other deadly WMDs in American cities for if and when they'd need them.

The patriots were able to neutralize the CCP materials, as well as any nasty surprises we'd encounter at opportune times, like, say, a bomb set off in the middle of a Cafe.

One way we were able to garner this intel was because the CCP's head of counterintelligence, Dong Jingwei, defected to the United States and has been hidden by the DIA from the other intelligence agencies compromised by the CCP.  Some think this defection was recent, while others think it's been longer.  I think it's been longer.



This defector has been a trump card in the back pocket of the patriots this entire time.  It explains why President Trump has been nothing but confident every second of his first term, and why the deep-state, with all its power, was not able to close the deal on him with impeachment and investigations.

It's why the Mueller investigation was allowed to continue.  It's quite interesting that Barr revealed on the way out that he EXPLICITLY added the Mueller investigation to Durham's scope (PDF).

(b) The Special Counsel is authorized to investigate whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence, or law-enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated with those campaigns, and individuals associated with the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, Ill.

(c) If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from his investigation of these matters.

There are plenty of shoes to drop on the Durham centipede.

It's interesting the Fauci saga seemed to have turned on a dime, and just like that, COVID was likely birthed in a CCP lab financed by Fauci.  The NSA is going to allow FOIA requests on FBI spying.  How is all of this happening with the enemy "in office"?

Why are things not going their way?

How are most voters believing that Trump won, and even worse for the enemy, over 55% of voters support the audits?  How have the audits made it this far?  Arizona wrapped up the ballot inspection part this week.  How was it not stopped?

Nothing is more devastating to the enemy than the election audits.  Why has the Arizona audit remained untouched beyond some weak letters from Garland?

What obstacle could be so powerful that government officials you'd think would go full Stalin have been completely ineffective from a pro-Marxist takeover perspective?  What is this seemingly invisible force that's not only keeping the takeover at bay, but in fact turning the ship around for the people and the states to take back the country?

The southern states are bypassing the feds and taking border security into their own hands.  Few things have sparked fury among parents nationwide than CRT.  State legislatures are openly telling the DOJ if they mess with their audits, they'll spend time in their state's jail.

I ran errands yesterday and I saw only a handful of people wearing masks.  Democrat governors are spending time fighting recalls.  Popular governors are ordering the evils of communism to be taught in schools.  Over and over again, the people are rejecting the Marxist takeover and taking back the country.

How is this happening?

I think it's because the patriots have the goods on the traitors, and the compromising material that's controlled them during their political and government careers has been neutralized.

On one side, we have Dong Jinwei and his information.  On the other, they have the Epstein, Maxwell, Hunter's laptop, and who knows what else.  In the middle, you have the deep-state and traitors getting squeezed like a rat by a python.

When Biden "won", the CCP and our enemies thought it was smooth sailing.  It's like the police knowing there's going to be a bank robbery, so they let it happen.  Once the criminals are in the vault with the safe deposit boxes, they think they're home free.  They start cracking open the boxes, but each one has a note that says "busted!".  Then the vault door closes.

What would be their next move?  This would be a good time to let off a WMD, like a bomb in a shopping mall or some bio-weapon.  It's certainly not beyond them.  Don't take my word, ask Miles Guo:



I think it's because all those secret operations that nobody could figure out over the past few years have been operations to clear out those deadly contingencies.  For example, a few years ago, there was a "training mission" in Los Angeles smack-dab in the middle of Wilshire Blvd.  It was caught on video by many.



It was called a "training mission".  Perhaps.  How about military training in tunnels?  "Conspiracy theory"? disagrees.

Can I prove any of that?  Of course not, but I wonder why we haven't hit with something major.  How do we answer that question, at the same time, explain odd military behavior over American soil?

Meanwhile, President Trump is restarting his rallies and putting his popularity back on display for the enemy.  This absolutely demoralizes them.  He's supposed to be done and gone, yet he took over the GOP, took over their fundraising, replaced the head establishment RINO Cheney with his choice of Elise Stefanik, and now we're back to his overflow crowds while 30 states are ready to move forward with Arizona-style audits.

We also have Durham looming, along with the results of the audits that will prove to the masses that Trump not only won the election, but won it big.  He now has a means to put out statements, and has a video medium on Rumble.

This is not how the enemy drew it up on the whiteboard.  This has been a long play while many in MAGA have been impatient.  Smile, like President Trump said "we're taking our country back!".



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