ATTENTION conservative website owners: 98.7% of you are using an outdated version of PHP

Posted by DC on Wed, 11/17/2021 - 08:59

Most of you are using WordPress, which means most of you are using PHP, which means most of you are using an outdated version of PHP.  PHP 7 (which most of you are running) is at its End Of Life, so it's critical to upgrade to PHP 8 ASAP:

Upgrading to PHP 8 isn’t just about performance either. We’re nearing the End of Life (EOL) for PHP 7, which means if you haven’t updated your PHP version yet, now is the time to do it.

Using outdated versions of software is seldom a good idea. The older the software, the more likely it is to contain vulnerabilities, obsolete functions, or lack of developer support. That absence of support is precisely what EOL means. Once a software reaches its EOL, developers stop providing support, significant updates, and security patches. Therefore, if you choose to keep using that outdated version, you’re on your own with any problems. PHP 7 was released back in 2015. Currently, 68.9 percent of all websites that use PHP are still running one of the 7.X versions. PHP 8 has been out since November 2020, but only one percent of websites have made the switch to it

Make it harder for the enemies of our country, like the Russians, CCP, or worst of all, cyber-leftists, to attack our sites.  As I've ranted many times, conservative digital media is horrible, susceptible to grifters and less than sub-par security.  We can only red-pill the world if our sites work and are functional, so make this happen.

In the link above, there's instructions on how to upgrade for WordPress owners.

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