The Arizona audit can't be stopped because forensic data from the voting machines has been secured

Posted by DC on Mon, 05/03/2021 - 18:28

Any deep-state leftist clowns, or people with even lower intelligence like never-Trump RINOs, have essentially lost all hope at stopping the audit.  We're over a week into this organized and secure audit, and the investigators are now shifting gears and stepping on the gas.

Election audits for the 2020 U.S. election are moving forward despite continued attempts by Democrats to derail the process.

“Overnight we went from 20 counting locations on the floor to 46,” stated former Arizona secretary of state and audit director Ken Bennett. “Hopefully in the next day or two, they will be ready to fully staff that and then if we go to three shifts, which we are talking about, we will almost triple our throughput.”

Sure, the clowns will try to intimidate, and sure, "reporters" will try to doxx the workers, and how surprised would you be if the courts release security plans, and just for fun, let's have a carnival spring up next to the audit location, but it will all be in vain.

It's important to remember, the Democrats aren't the ones fighting against the audit.  They are, but they can't even get $1mm put together for a friendly judge to issue a TRO, so they're a joke and no danger.

All the deep-state players in the shadows received a wake-up call about how broke they are, and believe me when I say that somewhat overlooked story sent a shockwave of panic.  When you're part of a coup and those you depend on for protection and income can't slap together a few bucks, it's "break the glass" time.

When it comes to the election coup, it was Republicans who protected it in the courts and at the local and state levels.  Yes, they're one big Marxist party with the Democrats, but the GOP is supposed to at least pretend like they care about the country.  Instead, they fought for the coup against President Trump and secured it.  Case in point:


Liz Cheney the liar


Republicans can't stop this thing, and things are not going well for them in general. Poor Liz may be kicked out of her seat.  Romney can't walk down his driveway without getting booed.  What losers.

Here's the big milestone and why we're at a point where it's a guarantee the election coup will be exposed: the forensic data from the voting machines has been extracted and secured.

This is major, as this data is now completely in the hands of the forensic investigators.  To use a homicide analogy, it's like having access to the body to corroborate the evidence obtained from the crime scene.  We have the evidence, so we no longer have to worry about the deep-state relatives who were in on the crime trying to cremate the machines.

There's a difference between having the data you need in hand versus not having it while worrying about someone sabotaging the machines, or a fire magically burning down the storage facility, or a judge restricting access to the machines, or whatever otherwise implausible scenario made plausible by deep-state desperation.

I can't stress enough how major it is that we have the machine data.  Preventing access to the machines was the last line of defense for the enemy.  It's like trying to prevent us from taking possession of the football versus them trying to take possession back after we caused a fumble or made an interception, and we have enough downs to run out the clock.

Once we have a completed audit that proves the criminality, the other states will have no choice but to conduct an audit.  It's a megaton bomb of precedent for any court and the pressure by the people will be too great for the Republicans to resist.

One final point, the media will continue to pump fake news about the audits.  If you haven't yet figured out how powerless they are, I don't know what to tell you.  I always have to repeat the point that Trump won in 2016 against the media, and he also dominated in 2020.

There seems to be a disconnect between the anti-Trump media in 2020 and the Republicans certifying the coup; they are not the same.  Trump won in a massive landslide while the media pulled out all the stops.

The election coup we're exposing, starting with Arizona, is completely different.  Many tie the intensity of the anti-Trump media with the Republican certification of the coup and obfuscation of a Trump "loss".  Don't make that mistake.

The fact is the people whom the media were supposed to influence elected President Trump in an incredible landslide.  The election beatdown was so vicious that it literally broke the enemy's algorithms.

Shift your mentality to the context that we have the data from the voting machines.  It's huge, and it being played down is like if Hiroshima played down the bomb.

If you want to follow a few good accounts on the audit, check out Arizona Maricopa Audit and the Arizona GOP, led by Kelli Ward who's been an absolute general in this battle.

"Arizona is the first domino that will fall and then other states will look into irregularities, abnormalities, mistakes and potentially outright fraud that happened in their states as well," Ward said.


Arizona audit server



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