Are we winning too much?

Posted by DC on Wed, 03/27/2019 - 11:06

Remember when candidate Donald Trump joked that we’re going to win so much that we’ll be tired of winning?  I now believe that’s just another campaign promise he’s delivering.

If you made a list of some Trump accomplishments and traveled back in time eight years to show yourself what’s currently happening, how ecstatic would you be?  Recall how we were in the middle of defending our country against fundamental transformation and an attempted Marxist cultural takeover.

Back then, the IRS was going after conservatives, Operation Choke Point was underway, Obama and the gang were ramming the ACA scam up our asses, the EPA was turning into the fourth branch of government, trannies became all the rage, and GDP growth looked like John McCain’s EKG.

In retrospect it could have been a lot worse, but look how far we've come in a few short years.  Our strides haven't been cosmetic; they're deep and will be long lasting.

President Trump is literally remaking the judiciary, bringing China to heel and giving the global economy a reality check, strengthening national security, the military, and restoring cultural essentials like protecting innocent life, just to name a handful.

Along with these tangibles, there’s a bigger war he’s fighting against those who took over our financial system and government, who took out President Kennedy and compromised future presidents, took control of the intelligence agencies with the most sophisticated toys we can imagine, destroyed the free market, took control of academia and the media, and who have slow-boiled many to a state of government dependence.

He's taking on this shadow government and beating them, as we witnessed Friday and over the weekend after outlasting Spygate.


(video removed)


It's a crime we're not carving his face on Mt. Rushmore right now.  Meanwhile, every day we're getting positive news that gets buried under all the other winning.

There's a lot of it.  Last December I tried to put together a “year in review” of President Trump’s highlights.  The article turned into a novel and I just tabled it.  My major worry is that the winning has been so frequent that we're taking it for granted.

GDP was over 3 for the year.  “Yay, good job President Trump!”.   He set a record with judicial appointments remaking the federal district and appeals courts including the radical Ninth Circuit.  “That’s really swell!”

He’s close to a denuclearization deal with a guy who a few years ago was lobbing missiles all over the place like a lunatic.  “Yay, we’re not going to get nuked anymore”.  There's more available jobs than workers as the labor demand continues to drive up wages in all 50 states in 2018.  "Is today Sunday? I want some Chick-Fil-A."

Boring stuff, right?


Personal income growth 2018


Even perceived losing is actually winning.  Romney propagandist Ann Coulter says we've been lied to about the wall and we're never going to build it.  Meanwhile the wall has been under construction the entire time.



But what about funding?  Did we lose on that?  No, the Pentagon was able to find $12.8 billion laying around.  At every turn it's just win, win, win.

I suppose a loss would be the Democrats taking back the House.  That’s not the President’s fault of course, but God forbid we didn’t have a majority for eight years.  However, leave it up to President Trump to turn a loss into a win.

Not only did we shed a bunch of dead RINO weight, we retained the Senate, and now the Democrats have never before looked more radical and anti-American.  They have exposed themselves as baby-murdering anti-semite socialists running high paying jobs out of their cities.  They also used a manufactured lie they created to justify the impeachment of a squeaky clean President.

The Democrats destroying themselves doesn't sound like a bad deal to me.  It seems the only thing President Trump fails at is losing.

The administration has some amazing things planned.  Something many of us have been dreaming about for decades is the restructuring of the federal government.  I know it will become a reality.  Here's a snippet from a meeting where then-OMB Director Mick Mulvaney gave a rundown on the plan (PDF):



Did you know about this plan?  They're tackling the biggest reorganization project in history.  If you didn't know about this or aren't doing cartwheels, why?  Probably because it's just lost underneath all the other winning.

Of course, I don't really worry that we're winning too much.  It's just so much winning that it's hard to track.  ISIS is completely gone.  College campuses must honor free speech if they wish to receive that sweet government cash.  We're going back to the moon in 2024, which will yield incredible new technology.  I can do this all day and never reach the end.

I'm grateful for all this winning and we still have six years to go.  One year to this president is like six for another.  Mr. President, we're winning so much that we can't keep up with it!


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