Alexandria Cortez should be laughed at, not feared

Posted by DC on Mon, 02/25/2019 - 18:43

According to some political pundits, we need to take Alexandria Cortez seriously and cower in fear from her influence.  She's so relatable when she cooks dinner on social media and is a brilliant marketing mind.  The masses can't resist her charm and her immense power of persuasion, and the more her star rises, the more dangerous she becomes.  Soon, everyone will abandon capitalism and we all will be standing in breadlines.

Sorry, the American people aren't that stupid.  If we were, Hillary would be President.  Cortez is single-handedly cracking open the Democrat shell and exposing it for all to see and smell, and she doesn't even know it.

For as long as I can recall, the GOP has been biologically programmed to surrender to leftists.  They'd dread being on the business end of a "Daily Show" skit, or live in fear of some lefty reporter tossing them a live question grenade about aborting babies if the mother was raped, opening them up to a dogpile of ridicule from Hollywood.  They have a hard time realizing those days are over and keep that Pavlovian programming to seek acceptance from the left.

Thanks to the earned scars from the Tea Party surges, and now thanks to Trump and him setting the example of how to fight and not allow the left to assume the narrative, the GOP has grown a set of testicles.  We've taken back the issues the Democrats would use to terrorize the GOP, like abortion and immigration, not only because we're right and stopped submitting to the left, but politicians like Cortez have handed them to us gift-wrapped with a pretty bow.

Traditionally, Democrat candidates run to the right, then lurch back to the left after election.  This holds true for the GOP as well, but more times than not they just cross over to the other side of the isle.  To illustrate how Democrats used to run, here's Alison Grimes running for the Kentucky Senate seat against McConnell in 2014:



This is a far-left Democrat who was trying to get elected in a state that's not New York or California.  Democrats can't run on their beliefs because they'd never get elected, and they know this.  For example, radical leftist Claire McCaskill, who lost her Senate seat in 2018, was caught by Project Veritas admitting to hiding her leftist positions.  Once these videos were released, it didn't go over well in Missouri, and her campaign was toast.  After her defeat, she had a few thoughts on Cortez:

"But I hope she also realizes that the parts of the country that are rejecting the Democratic Party, like a whole lot of white working class voters, need to hear about how their work is going to be respected, and the dignity of their jobs, and how we can really stick to issues that we can actually accomplish something on."

Cortez never got the memo that she needs to hide her positions as much as possible, because her positions, which are now Democrat positions, have no chance in America.  Outside of San Francisco and parts of Chicago, her policies are not only rejected outright, but mocked.  Even in her district, after the Amazon fiasco, she may be too far left to hold onto her seat in 2020.

I'm not going to insult her and call her stupid.  That's like stopping your car on the side of the road, grabbing your baseball bat out of the trunk, and beating the crap out of a piece of road-kill.  Her naiveté has been on full display and there's nothing more to add.  You've seen the highlight reels of her moments of genius, and she's only been in Congress for less than two months.  We have almost a full two years more of this clown show, so we need to savor it.  When we see a clown continue to make a fool of herself, we don't call it stupid; we point and laugh at it and say "do it again!!".

To summarize the circulating narrative that we should be worried: "we should take her seriously because even though we think she's a clown for saying crazy things and can't win, she's dangerous and can win, just like the left didn't take Trump seriously because they thought he's a clown for saying crazy things and thought he couldn't win."  This narrative is inherently flawed for a few obvious reasons.

First, the country is not left; it's right.  Even Gallup recently posted this survey (add another 15 points to their numbers):

The residents of most U.S. states are more likely to identify as conservative than as liberal in their political ideology. In 25 states, the conservative advantage is significantly greater than the national average, including 19 "highly conservative" states in which conservatives outnumber liberals by at least 20 percentage points. Meanwhile, in six states, there are more liberals than conservatives.

The glaringly obvious fallacy is there's no equivalence between Trump and Cortez.  Trump is sane and says common sense things, even if you don't like his delivery.  China does take advantage of the US.  We do need a border wall.  Tax cuts are better for the economy.  Killing babies is murder.  Jobs are good for workers.  President Trump promotes sane positions that Americans understand and have agreement.

Conversely, Cortez says cow farts are hurting the climate.  25k high-paying jobs are bad for workers.  Paying people unwilling to work is good policy.  We have twelve years to survive.  We should stop reproducing.  These are ridiculous positions that even worry Democrats.  In fact, these are points of idiocy that Americans can coalesce around ridiculing, Republicans and many Democrats alike.

Cortez is not "the Democrats' Trump".  They have nothing comparable.  Trump has decades of real-world experience in major real estate development, in a city where real estate development is the toughest to do business.  He's a serious businessman who's pro-American.  That's why he won, regardless of how the Democrats want to paint him.

Cortez was a bartender for a few years.  True, that's a lot more experience than Bernie Sanders can claim, but vocationally-speaking, it's equivalent to a Starbucks barista with an alcohol license.  There's certainly nothing wrong with that occupation, but her resume and experience are not in the same universe as Trump's.

From a political comedy perspective, she's an angel sent from heaven.  She's an attractive girl, but when she's caught in an excited expression, the comedy is amplified.  What makes her such a gift is she's so clueless, yet she's truely the new face of the Democrats.  They're not proud of this.  It's possible she's really smart and saw all the attention Hank Johnson received and decided to mimic, but I doubt it.



This is someone we're supposed to fear?  I can't fear someone who always makes me laugh.  It would be like fearing someone who gives me shoulder rubs, or cooks dinner for me.  Laughing is good for the soul, and she brings real, true joy to so many of us.

Want to hear a joke?  Alexandria Cortez in a debate.  See how easy that is?  Seriously, I haven't been able to find any video of her in a debate.  I have seen her get hammered in softball interviews, but those were all self-inflicted.  Most politicians have a few debates under their belt, controlled or otherwise.  The new face of the Democrat party has of yet to participate in a debate?  Give me a moment because I need to laugh.

The reason why some are scared of Cortez is because they don't understand capitalism and have little confidence in it because of their public school indoctrination.  They think it can't stand up to socialism because it's taught in schools and people hate to work and want stuff for free.  A recent clip of Ivanka Trump summarizes the reality succinctly:



Nobody is scared of Cortez except Democrats who care about their party, or Republicans who can't help but instinctively surrender to a young Democrat because they see a few clips of college student zombies supporting her insanity (without even knowing what she said) and think those people vote and we're all doomed.

People are walking away from the Democrats, and Cortez is helping. The more she talks, the more we win.  The Cortez team has been saying "we're obsessed with her and she's a focus of ours, so she's getting under our skin".  No.  We're focused on her because she's the biggest gift the Democrats have ever given to us, aside from Barack Obama.

When someone tries to give her a tweet response to something ridiculous she said, and she responds by completely evading logic and reality, then doubles down on stupid and declares victory, that doesn't mean she won, even though her many followers said she did.  If that rattles you, then try this little exercise:  close your eyes and imagine her in a debate.  Feel better?

Politicians like Cortez can't survive in a time where videos, smartphones, and decentralized journalism exist.  I don't think Obama could have eight years later from when he was elected.  It's getting more difficult for handlers to control the politician, as the old tried-and-true stuff no longer works.

Politicians in the spotlight need to be dynamic, which Cortez is, but she simply doesn't have the chops.  The truth is no socialist does.  Socialism is anti-American, and we will never be a socialist country.  We are born free, and will remain free.

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