Alex Meluskey in the AZ Senate primary is the obvious choice

Posted by DC on Fri, 04/29/2016 - 01:55

Granted, Alex Meluskey's team's website and video production skills aren't exactly top notch (Alex, use a mic bro!), but that's OK.  He's running against a Marxist and a Trumper, so I'll cut him some slack.  It's an important race to not only Arizona, but all of us around the country, since the Marxist John McCain has a lot of power and uses it against everyone in all states.

About Meluskey:

I was born to Valerie and Benjamin Meluskey in 1967.  Both of my parents were hard working middle income people. They taught me that having principles is the most important characteristic a person can have.

After graduating from high school, I earned a BA from The College of New Jersey.

Founded in 1993, I own and operate Optimum Graphics USA, LLC, a printing and promotional products company.  A company that I am proud to have built, and one that has thrived despite the federal government.

I am also active in the community. Many in the conservative community have heard me speak on the merits of the FairTax (of which I am the Arizona State Director).  Additionally, I am a Precinct Committeeman in my district, a syndicated radio host and I am active in the local concerns of my fellow Arizonans.

I have been married to Roberta Gottfried for nearly 20 years together we have one son and one daughter.


First of all, Meluskey is Arizona State Director of the Fair Tax.  Right off the bat, we know he's not a Marxist, and the fact he understands what the Fair Tax is means he's not a Trumper.  So, he's light years beyond McCain and Ward on that issue alone.

He is owns a small business, a printing and graphic design company in Arizona.  This tells me he at least understands some basic economics, Fair Tax proponent aside.  Printing businesses depend on other businesses as clients, so he understand the "rising tide lifts all ships" concept, you have to manage ink costs, materials cost, manage a design staff, vendor coordination, marketing, logistics, maintaining printers, contingency plan when one goes down, keep a tight handle on your margins, and a bunch of other goodies that many small businesses in general must deal with anyway.  So, it seems safe to say he's a friend to small business.  He's been around since 1993, as I understand it, so he seems to have this down.  Of course, I know nothing about his business specifically, but I know enough if he is typical of a brick-and-mortar printing shop.  It isn't the easiest business in the world to get off the ground and operate.  Being a businessman doesn't mean you're going to be a great Senator, but it shows he's at least mature and responsible enough to have carved out a niche in the private sector.

On his website, in his issues breakdown, he mentions the Tenth Amendment.  That tells me they at least are cognizant of the role of the Federal government and power of the states.  Ward doesn't even mention it on her site.

For the Second Amendment, they both have a blurb, but Meluskey's is more of a statement to the Second Amendment:

Shall Not be Infringed Means SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

As a life member of the National Riffle Association and Gun Owners of America, I will defend the God-given right to self protection. The Second Amendment’s language is clear, and I will fight to ensure your right to protect your life, liberty and property is not infringed upon by a power hungry congress, and the omnipresent bureaucracy.

Compare it with Ward's campaign template content-filler:

The Second Amendment is one of our most treasured liberties, and it must be protected. As a State Senator, I’ve fought to protect the right to bear arms from federal overreach, and I will do the same in Washington. - Oppose gun-grabbing schemes - Support the Second Amendment - Promote gun safety

It's almost as if her website came stock with that text.  Either that, or she just said to put whatever in there, without stepping on any RINO toes.  I detect zero passion from her statement, while Meluskey seems like he's ready for a Commie invasion.

The issues of taxation (which is directly tied to private property rights), the Second Amendment, and the Tenth Amendment are good platforms to gauge where a candidate is coming from.  However, many snake into office by talking a conservative game, so we always need to be cautious and on guard, and expose them when they go liberal.  On the surface, Meluskey looks like a solid pick to me.  If I lived in Arizona, I'd be voting for him, for sure.

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