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Why Last Night's Primaries Were Almost as Big as Trump's 2016 Victory

Submitted by DC on Wed, 08/03/2022 - 19:31

Primaries with a lot at stake last night in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington State.  The victories were delicious, but there's a few very important and critical points that need to be savored and appreciated that outline how far we've come in the battle to liberate the election process from the communists.

Since I've been following politics, the game has been the same: line up RINOs for the primaries, and the plebes will have no choice but to hold their noses and vote against the scary Democrat.  It's worked for a long time, and it seemed like we'd never break out of it.

The real election is the primaries.  For decades, the RINOs have retained a death-grip on this process, as that's where the election really happens.  It's where they can sell the elections to the candidates (in the past -- now more compromise-driven) and where the actual election means nothing in the big picture, as the horses are already picked.

The Trump-endorsed primary victories last night were the beginning of the end of the globalist stronghold over our country and our liberty.

What happened last night in Arizona is what I wanted to happen in Georgia...

Robert Barnes SHREDS Lies About Alex Jones

Submitted by DC on Mon, 08/01/2022 - 18:04

Robert Barnes has been spanking clown Alex Berenson and others on Twitter over lies repeated about Alex Jones.  I embedded a few tweets, via Nitter embeds (no tracking) to compile a highlight reel of these spankings.

If you haven't been following the Jones defamation case, where he's the defendant, it's an absolute deep-state crap show.  Jones is somewhat of a modern-day prophet and has been proven right on prediction after prediction, to the point where it's kind of spooky.  Example:



The judge completely railroaded him by not allowing him to present evidence and declaring him guilty.  For example, the judge didn't allow evidence of Jones making apologies to be heard by the jury, saying it's prohibited by Texas law, when in fact, Texas law is explicit that apologies are a defense to mitigate libel claims.



The judge outright lied about the law.  It's sad to see blue-checks not even understand the basics of the trial while commenting.  Barnes spanks Berenson's attempt to make this a First Amendment "fire in a crowded theater" scenario:



I'm sure the jury is on the up-and-up, right?



That's just a crazy juror talking about using this to...

Recap and Thoughts on Episode 73 of "Devolution Power Hour"

Submitted by DC on Mon, 08/01/2022 - 05:48

Jon (I hate calling strangers by their first name because I don't know them personally, but I don't know his last name) had Patrick Gunnels and Chris Paul on his show to touch on a few topics, including red-pilling the masses, the midterms, and Trump's return.

I wasn't familiar with Chris Paul, but after this episode I'm very impressed with him and am looking forward to reading more of his stuff.  Here's the episode:



They started off with red-pilling the concept of devolution, and how can this complex topic be delivered to those still in the dark.  Paul brings a good dynamic to this conversation because he was a libtard as recent as 2016 (he revealed in this episode he voted for Hillary) and has a very good grasp on how the sheep are manipulated.

I've been working on becoming more open minded to former libtards in my older age because I've literally been a hardcore conservative since I was in elementary school, where my earliest political memory was the teacher asking the class to raise our hands if our parents are voting for Reagan over Mondale.  The entire class raised their hands except for one girl, and...

Patriot Games: Gregg Phillips' "The Pit" is an Evidence Clearinghouse for Sheriffs for 2020 Election Crimes

Submitted by DC on Sun, 07/31/2022 - 00:20

This is pretty damn incredible.  Gregg Phillips is the guy who captured all the information on the criminals busted in the "2000 Mules" documentary (watched by over 22mm people, by the way), and he has something big in the works called "The Pit" which involves independent media and sheriffs from all over the country.

What is The Pit?  As I understand, it's a secure medium for independent journalists and content creators to view intelligence packaged by Phillips on the enemy's 2020 election crimes before delivery to receptive and awaiting sheriffs around the country for arrests in their jurisdictions.

The strategy seems to be to let the cat out of the bag and virally inject the information into the independent news stream, and then deliver the evidence to the sheriffs.

It seems to be lost on the masses, but your sheriff is your last line of defense, and the reason we're not rotting in a gulag somewhere.  Your sheriff is elected by the people and is the ultimate authority in their county.  Most sheriffs will not enforce unconstitutional laws, and are the fabric holding together law and order in our society and the teeth behind the protection of our...

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