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Nor should you vote for it. Most people don't or at least vote for the least horrible candidate. Elizabeth Warren is one of the more horrible ones. Sandwiched somewhere between Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris. Two women forever tied to oral sex. One that doesn't and subcontracted it out to an intern and one that does if it furthers her career.

On cue the media cried sexism! Misogyny! Warren herself played the victim card in her driveway whilst her neutered husband pretended to be anywhere else. She immediately went to Rachel Maddow. The least credible "journalist" since Baghdad Bob. Frauds always hide behind frauds. The beautiful thing is this is a primary. A democrat primary. So, the party of feminists and woke men with less testosterone than Don Lemon didn't vote for the female. Doesn't that make them anti woman? The sort of people the hags on the view shout about? The hypocrisy is strong in the democrat party.

They didn't vote for Marianne Williamson. Was that sexist? Very few people voted for Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton accused her of being a Russian asset three years later when she was not running for anything. Was that sexist? Where were all the women voters last Tuesday? Busy preparing for the latest pro infanticide rally in DC? By the way, there is still a democrat women in the race. The media and the party has done every thing in its power to make her disappear because being anti war is no longer a democrat thing since Bush left  office. No sexism here, right, Tulsi?

Back to warren.

Sexism had very little if anything to do with her impersonation of the Hindenberg. Warren started very strong. She was the frontrunner for a brief period but always considered a strong contender. Even after that DNA debacle.  Then like all the other failed contenders she opened her mouth. Senator Warren made Hillary Clinton look deep and complex. Everything Warren isn't.  You can't fix horrible.

Warren was wonkish...sort of. She had a plan for everything. Like Bolshevik Bernie she never articulated how those plans would be enacted. All she could do is tell us she was going take control and spend money. That's not new. The problem was the screeching, nagging and shouting. She's just an aggressive nag and people got tired of revisiting grade school. She was also incredibly flatfooted when challenged on anything. She was never ready to discuss anything. For some idiotic reason Elizabeth Warren believed class warfare was the free ride to the white house. All she had to do in her eyes is promise to shout nasty things at banks and she would be swept into office on a wave of populism and class envy. Instead she was swept aside because she was less authentic than American cheese.

The lies didn't help. The Indian thing was pathetic and yet she had gotten past that until she did that bizarre DNA rest. But the lie about being fired for being pregnant and the lie about not sending her kids to private schools, it just added up to a pile of nothing and voters want to at the very least support something. A year into her campaign no one knew who she was or what she stood for. Yeah, she had a plan for everything but it seems the only plan that had any real coherence was hers to become president.

Things for the wannabe minority started to unravel when she refused to say whether or not she would raise taxes to pay for all of her plans. Her numbers began to fall like Hillary on the sidewalk. Unfortunately for her she decided being woke was better than being genuine and so she embraced the SJW movement. The rest is as the say "really pathetic". This Hiawatha heretic invented generic racism. Climate racism, healthcare racism to name but a few. What exactly does any of that mean? No one knows. Least of all Elizabeth Warren. She accuses Bolshevik Bernie of being sexist and then accused him of calling her a liar because he kind of, sort of denied the accusation. If anything she is good at being cutthroat and it showed at Bloomberg's first debate.

She savaged him like Michael Moore on a Costco rotisserie chicken. The establishment loved it. The voters didn't. In the typical Elizabeth Warren fashion she didn't learn and did the exact same thing in the next debate. All she accomplished was to convince people the only thing she can do is shout. She talks at people, not to them. Mayor Bloomberg wasn't bad, he was bizarre. He dropped out before anyone could figure out why he got in the first place. Perhaps he needed a large tax write off. Regardless the vacuous senator failed to move the needle. And yet  she persisted.

Super Tuesday for Elizabeth Warren was actually Walter Mondale Tuesday. She sucked like Hillary Clinton doesn't. Warren is out but she won't go away. Nags never do. Meanwhile the media will continue to scream SEXISM! Not realizing those that didn't vote for Apache Pantsuit are indeed  democrats. Don't look at the republicans. They'll vote for who is competent. Genitals notwithstanding. The plastic senator from Massachusetts never connected with anyone because she is an elitist. She can't be anything else.  

The bottom line is she is an opportunist. Nothing more and nothing less. That sort of person rarely transcends into the Oval office Just ask the CNN's love child Michael Avanetti.



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