Submitted by Solar on Mon, 11/27/2017 - 00:03

So, you saw the party collapse into a heap of its own excrement, and now you claim "Independent" Status, right?

Yet you're still a solid leftist and one who refuses to align with the collapsed Dim party, (though, why would anyone admit belonging to a failed movement?) by claiming Independent status. Hey, there's nothing wrong with admitting you're ignorant of our Nation's Founding Documents, and falling for the lie of socialism, hundreds of thousands of idiot kids just like yourself joined OWS, supported BLM, ANTIFA, until you all discovered you were being played for the useful idiots you are. (Psssst, it's what commies do, they use, and play the ignorant against an imaginary enemy, divide and conquer) Must be tough being caught between a party backed by communists, being pushed further left by a tiny constituency of hardcore Marxists, while the dying leadership of crony capitalist thieves tries to hold onto a coalition of hate groups to stay in power. 

You just as well own it, you are firmly planted on the left, a dying movement worldwide, though, you may want to study up on our Constitution and Bill of Rights because you're going to hear a lot more about it in the coming years as the country pulls back to its roots.

What you see taking place started decades back when the GOP started moving left, all the while, the nation was soundly rooted on the Right while the GOP fielded weak and squishy leftist candidates, from Nixon up through McCain, (or as I refer to the Fabian Socialist, McStain.)

Problem is, the constituency wanted another Reagan while the GOP wanted another Nixon, Bush, essentially cookie-cutter wimps. But the constituency would have no part of it, as evidenced when they ran Romney the first time, then again in 2016, along with every RINO next in line for leadership, from Jeb to Christy, Rubio, you remember the list as all the RINO leftists fell off the cliff while ending their careers.

The constituency wanted no part of it, they wanted a Conservative, they were tired of the party fielding Democrats. So they rallied around Cruz, of course, this panicked the Dim party, they knew if Cruz won the nomination, it would expose just how little of a voting base the Dim party had left, so the GOP, in cahoots with leftist media, gave Trump millions in free air time. They were determined to kill off the conservative, and they were also under the illusion they could control Trump. Well, the rest is history, the nation still abandoned the left, though spared the Dim party the embarrassing defeat to a Conservative and continuing the illusion that the Dim party was still viable.

Point is, the country accepted Trump, the economy is doing quite well, the only thing standing in his way is a leftist GOP Hell bent on keeping the leftist dream alive, from open borders to Commiecare, though to be honest, many fear Trump will happily cave in for socialized medicine, something the nation as a whole despises and the crony connected pharmaceutical companies want to keep alive, which brings us to the Establishment. Many of us refer to the "Establishment as a GOP connected entity, and it's true, since the inception of the GOP, they have always been a voice of industry, and that was fine, as long as they supported our Constitution and Bill of rights, which they stopped doing when they threw Goldwater under the bus.

But it wasn't until Clinton was elected, that the GOP began to worry, they were seeing all the big names in the industry switch to the Dim party. (The Establishment Knows No Party, It lives Off The Backs Of The Taxpayer) That's right, the left accepted cronyism into their fold, and this is when both party's began to look alike. Remember the OMNIBUS Bill? The GOP gave the Dims a pork infested mess that could choke a pig, and they signed it, and Pelosi said, "We didn't ask for all of this", and Ryan simply smiled. Yes, the GOP was not only feeding the pig so they could get all the goodies they wanted as well, but knew that overfeeding it would be blamed on the left because stats will reflect the deficit under the Obama Administration, literally absolving the keeper of the purse, the GOP Leftists.

I digress. Not only has the Dim party collapsed, the GOP has as well, though still solidly intact as the Conservative base has kept it alive and since the birth of TEA, has found a concerted voice in driving the leftists out of the party. And now we are seeing just how desperate the RNC Leadership really is. McCON-nel aligned with the leftist media to bring Down a Conservative candidate by digging into his early past, even aligned with Gloria Allred, an admitted leftist feminist, who paid a woman to come out with with a story certain to end any candidates career. However, it's not working, the country saw right through this stunt, a stunt that's become part and parcel of American politics.

Now it appears the yearbook with his signature is either forged, or doctored in some way, so this story collapsed under its own lies, leaving McCON-nel with egg on his face, as well as one more Conservative to contend with, and more than likely, a call for the Con's removal.

So here we are today, the Dim party will never recover, anyway, the party you all knew, is gone forever, and what rises from the heap is anyone's best guess. I see it taking one of two roads, one being that of Bernie's socialism, a guaranteed failure, the other, even further left and staying irrelevant forever, the true Marxist faction in the party. But there is a third option available to the former party, and that would be a move to the Libertarian side of the graph. It's really not a huge leap, the Dims used to run on Liberty and Freedom, it was a part of their identity in claiming new individual Rights out of whole cloth, regardless of the fact these rights weren't being suppressed, they used the libertarian as a tool for division. In truth, the party could actually flourish and beat the GOP by moving Right of center, something a majority of their base supports, smaller and less abusive govt.

So former Democrat party supporters, the question is. Are you on the side of our Founding ideals, or are you so stubborn that you're willing to hold onto a corpse in hopes of one day reanimating a failed Marxist cause?

Come join us, we're not Republicans, no, we're TEA, a constituency, or rather the majority of the country that believes in this Nations Founding ideals and wants to return to lower taxes, no IRS, and most importantly, a smaller and less intrusive govt. If you truly believe in more Freedoms and Liberties, then growing govt and using it like a weapon to suppress the Rights of others, giving you the illusion a minority now has more Rights, be it LGBTQ, Mexicans, Blacks, or any litany of so-called oppressed, fact is, they were never victims of our Constitution, only an oppressive govt.

So if you truly believe in Liberty and Freedom? Help us steal the GOP from the Fabian Socialists in the GOP and finally have a party that actually represents the people. You and I? We're really not all that far apart in our ideals, we've just bought the lie of the two-party system dividing us along certain issues, but truth is, we share the very same values.

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