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We should be thankful we have a president Trump rather than a president Hillary or Bernie or any of the other of the commies or moderate commies. The president is concerned about the American people and the democrats and their media are concerning themselves with everything else.

The president's response has been excellent. Even some of his biggest critics like Gavin Newsome Ilhan Omar have said so. CNN's Dana Bash caused most of CNN's on air staff to bowel themselves when she praised the president. Don Lemon had to be consoled by Fredo, Wolf Blitzer's beard fell off and Brian Stelter could finish his lard sandwich. Ms. Bash was immediately attacked by the tolerant left on Twitter. The place cowards go to be bad asses. For the democrats this pandemic is their chance to take down the president because they know they can no longer count on the ballot box. They're hoping they can use this and a potential recession to win the white house in November. Lord knows Joe Biden can't do it by himself. They're just happy he doesn't show up to rallies in his wife's robe.

One of the most pathetic displays is their collective pearl clutching over what to call the virus. Trump called it the "China Virus". They have been inconsolable ever since. That was wrong! It was racist! Even though the media have called it that for months. That's okay. When Trump does it it's pure evil. According to them calling it the Chinese virus insults all Asians and incites violence. I wasn't aware all Asians came from China. Nor was I aware there are bands of Americans (republicans, obviously) roving the country assaulting Chinese Asians. Apparently the race card can be applied to viruses. Who knew?

"Why" they ask him in that sanctimonious way they are born with. "Because it came from China" Trump replies. They don't like that because it's common sense and true. They don't like those things either. Using their logic calling the West Nile Virus the West Nile Virus is racist, as was the Asian Flu and the Antonine Plague. While we're at it, bird Flu discriminates against all things Ornithruae. We should also stop using the terms Maine lobster, Korean barbecue, Shetland pony, Canadian Football League and New York strip steak. Oh and french fries are right out! The best way to stop a pandemic is to make sure you call it by the right name.

While Trump and the republicans were focused on helping the American people the democrats are focused on taking advantage of the crisis. "Never let a crisis go to waste" said Rahm Emanuel. Remember him? He worked for president Obama for a while and then went on to pretend to manage the city of Chicago. Well, they're not. They see this as an opportunity to promote some of their most odious policies. Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi tried to get abortion provisions into the Chinese virus Covid-19 relief bill. Democrats believe killing more babies will somehow lead to less adult deaths from the virus. A handful of democrats (so far) across the country are floating the idea of banning gun sales. I suppose infringing on the second amendment will somehow scare the virus away. Maybe all the way back to China (sorry). I'm not sure what their reasoning is and they haven't really articulated any. Will those infected become serial killers in a night time television movie sort of way? Perhaps they're concerned fired bullets may spread the virus. The last thing a person who has been shot in the head during a carjacking wants is to be infected with the Asian virus during said carjacking (again, sorry).

Bill De Blasio, the six foot five communist giraffe from New York wants to nationalize "certain industries in the medical field". Uh huh, I'll pass on sledding down that slippery slope. Comrade Sanders and the minstrel of mental decline Joe Biden reportedly sent him nasty notes demanding he get his own shtick. Sanders because he's the only commie in town and Biden because De Blasio copied Sanders and Biden is the only plagiarist in town.

Speaking of Biden and Sanders they too have their own plans to combat the Wuhan virus (I did it again). Sanders said he would take on the insurance companies. Not sure how putting insurance companies out of business while they are covering the medical costs of treating the virus is exactly helpful but senator Sanders has never met a company he didn't want to take over because billionaires. Joe Biden has a plan too. It's Trump's. He likes to trash Trump's response to the crisis before articulating the  very same strategy. He can't help but copy people. It's not the plagiarism that bothers me. It's his intellectual laziness. A trait he shares with the Bolshevik from Burlington

All this combined with democrat's demands to keep the border porous should remind us why Trump was voted into office. The leftists really don't care about the people and their behavior shows it. To them it's all about regaining power and expanding it. They want to control the voters and if it means taking advantage of the crisis they're comfortable with the collateral damage. Thank God they're the minority.

*No Chinamen were hurt during the writing of this piece.



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