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Life. We respect it. We value it and we cherish it. The left has always viewed people as pawns, a means to an end, a stepping stone. A squishy bag of cells. We of the notion that the democrats have no religion are wrong. They worship at the alter of abortion. If the democrat party believes in late term and partial birth abortion and barring doctors from giving aid to babies who have survived an abortion, why would we think they really value the lives of illegal immigrants and those killed by illegal immigrants?

Let's briefly travel back to the heady days of 2011. Republicans across the country were enjoying a resurgence. The Tea Party was poised to become a major influence in congress and Mitt Romney was not yet a dick. There was also the Occupy Wall Street movement. Fomented by the left. Perhaps I should have said fermented. Because these dirt bags with iphones and $100 Eddie Bauer backpacks set personal hygiene standards back to the pre industrial revolution. Oh, and let's not forget the rapes. Lots of raping and Tuberculosis happening on Wall Street because Wall Street is evil even though Wall Street had nothing to do with the diseases and the raping.

Meanwhile democrats in congress were shaking there OWS pom poms cheering on the smelly ingrates and the recently raped and never bothering to help them. Let them marinate in their own funk. Collateral damage, I suppose.

Every time a thug is killed by a cop the democrats automatically take the side of the thug because racism 150 years ago. They encourage protests which has become an excuse to target cops, destroy neighborhoods and get free stuff. The democrat party is there at the beginning and pasty leftists like Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand partner up with even pastier TV hacks like Don Lemon to advance the anti cop narrative.

It's all about destroying the cop who is more often than not cleared of any wrong doing. However after the fires have been doused and the locals have stocked their cabinets with the contents of what once sat legally in the local Rite Aid the democrats return to DC  and go silent. Leaving the pawns to the aftermath they encouraged. The democrats are warm and snugly in their DC offices while the Baltimore shop owner is sweeping up what is left of their store. Cory Booker and company got their face time ahead of their 2020 presidential run. That's all that matters.

Why would anyone think the democrat party actually cares about the illegal immigrants  when they could not care less when the divine one was in power? Remember those cages? That did not start with President Trump. They blame the republicans, look the other way when the president is a democrat and pray to a god they don't believe in that whomever the bad guy is, is not  black. They fight for taxpayer money for abortion, why would they care about one of the non aborted ones being put in a cage? Unless of course it is to try and talk the mother into a very late term abortion.

Decent people rarely win because the left is willing to sacrifice as many as possible for what they believe is for their greater good. The shutdown is further evidence. Nancy Pelosi is so worried about the workers affected by the shutdown she planned on poncing off to Belgium for a bit of duty free shopping. The president had other plans. Pelosi was so frustrated during the ensuing press conference her facial muscles overpowered the Botox providing us with a facial gymnastic routine for the ages. When asked why she was not staying in DC to negotiate with the president her mind exploded into a series of Jackson Pollock collages and she barely put forth a semi coherent response? Why? She never thinks about the shutdown because she doesn't care about those affected. Not only does she not care about those not getting paid but she was about to have them pay for her pointless junket to Belgium. They can starve to death as far as the democrats are concerned. They would use their dead bodies as a political weapon against Trump and justify the deaths in their minds as a very late term abortion.

This is no different than why we can't negotiate with terrorists. They do not care about life. It's why we can't stop all those that commit murders. If someone is determined, no matter what to kill and has no respect for human life they will find a way. Democrats and leftists in general are just one rung below terrorists and mass murderers because like all leftists they always put themselves first. They feel they deserve the best in life and are better than you and I. Why else would Nancy and company fly first class on the taxpayers dime when nearly a million government workers are not getting a paycheck? Let them eat borscht!

Yes, they want open borders because they don't care about millions of immigrants legal or not wallowing in poverty as long as they pull the lever marked 'D'.  They have single handedly destroyed the black family. As long as they get reelected they don't care.

How do republicans combat that? They can't unless they hit them where it hurts-the truth. Trump get's that. It's one of the reasons he was elected. He's a brawler and traditionally republicans are weak kneed testicularly challenged ballerinas. Unless the GOP call out the left for what they actually are they will never win. We will never win. It's not about getting into the gutter with these derelicts of decency. It's about Standing firm and using their absolutely horrible morals against them.

They exist to control and live lavishly on the backs of those they control. We've known this for decades but it is only now becoming apparent. Until we highlight their absolute distaste for humanity and the people they supposedly defend they will win.



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