Submitted by The Boo Man on Tue, 12/24/2019 - 04:38

These pandering halfwits running for the democrat nomination aren't socialist. They're looking at socialism in the rear view mirror. They are now openly threatening American citizens with imprisonment who do not go along with their ideology. Those lucky enough not be threatened with jail time are being threatened with the loss of their lively hood due to ideology.

The ideology I am talking about is global warming climate change weather and they are determined to destroy the constitution to take control of the country in the name of saving the universe from Al Gore's fetish. Bernie Sanders for the second time has promised to "criminally prosecute the fossil fuel executives who destroyed the planet". That's right dear reader. A US senator has promised to arrest and jail US citizens for selling a legal product.  Of course he can't legally do that so laws would have to be passed making fossil fuel products illegal. And even then these oil company executives could not be charged with a crime since they committed said act before the laws were passed. This is specified in the constitution. clause 1 of Article I, Section 10 and clause 3 of Article I, Section 9. Have a look. It's more than Bernie has ever done.

It has become brazenly apparent the democrats now see the constitution as a burden rather than a protection for the American people. And, what is more concerning is they view the constitution as  irrelevant and have blurred the lines drawn between the three branches of government. They are always looking for ways to circumvent the will of the people and the courts. If their candidate does not win the white house, impeach the winner. If the SCOTUS does not rule in their favor, pack the courts. It's simply a big middle finger to the founding fathers and the American people.

Anyway, back to Bernie.

Senator Sanders would make the ideal totalitarian. He lives the life he forbids the people to enjoy. This most recent idiotic yet frightening tweet is proof. He wants to jail oil executives for producing a product the government not only sees as legal but uses their products. As do most of us. Bernie has flown tens of thousands of miles lecturing people about fossil fuels and promising to ban those very products he and the rest of us depend on. He demands fossil fuel executives be jailed for selling a product he willingly uses every day. Sanders wants to punish people for producing a product he consumes in mass quantities and is complicit in the results of consuming that product.  I wonder what the carbon foot print is for the DNC every campaign season...

Do as I say, not as I do doesn't even begin to cover it.

We have to do these things in the name of lowering the global temperature less than half a degree in 50 years. Who would have thought the answer to hot weather is poverty? At the last debate Joe Biden was asked if he was willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs in the fossil fuel industry to fight occasional hot weather. He confidently said yes!

Where to begin.

First off, this rotting bag of plagiarized wind would not be sacrificing anything. He has his VP pension, he has his congressional pension and the millions he made after he left office in 2016. Yet he is willing to put Americans out of work if it means he will become president. Way to fight for the working class, working class Joe! This man is so dumb he runs as the working class candidate from coal country while promising to put coal workers out of work because some epically stupid child from the Bronx worries the world will end in 12 years while she hides in the closet from a garbage disposal.

What does it matter? They're free and beyond comfortable. The rest of us on the other hand have to sacrifice because of weather and pronouns. They tax us to the point of destitution because they don't know how to balance a checkbook. We pay a lot in gas taxes yet no pot holes seem to get filled and the bridges are still more fragile than Obama's ego.

Bernie has three houses. Biden has one of the biggest mansions in Maryland. All paid for by the taxpayers. All paid for with our coerced generosity. They will be safely ensconced in their estates when the rest of us are standing on the bread lines with our gas tanks empty because gas is illegal...for everyone but the political class. What could possibly go wrong?



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