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Finally, after decades of use and hundreds of elections compromised, countless careers destroyed and tens of millions of dollars spent the race card is finally dead. The election of Donald Trump proves this. From the day he announced his election until his inauguration the race card was on display 24-7. It was less influential than the Green party.

Trump won for many reasons. One of them is we are tired. Tired of being told how awful we are. Tired of being told how racist we are. Tired of being told "this is not who we are". We're just tired. We're not racist or sexist or misogynistic. We just want the government to stop micromanaging every aspect of our lives. They're just not good at it. We're Americans and this wonderful country was founded on the concept that we would not be punished for having differing opinions. Well, the 1970's called and they want their radical professors back.

I don't know if this was strategic or just the natural progression of the democrat party. Either way it's not working. Rage, threats, violence and accusations have replaced ideas and principles. Perhaps the rage, threats, violence and accusations is their platform because their idea of a country controled by the government gutted the party over the last decade. No articulation, plenty of frustration. I'd be a bit miffed too if everyone thought I was a dick. The democrat party is that person never invited to the party because they creep people out, drink all the booze and piss in the corner. Their symbol should not be the donkey but a large penis. Conservatives spent the last  decade placing conservatives in government. Democrats spent the last decade accusing everyone who isn't a democrat as racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, dumb and redneck. You know, deplorable. I'm not sure how that helps the unemployment rate, It certainly never helped the DNC. They are more broke than Johnny Depp.

So, Justice Kennedy has retired. Once again the left has cried armageddon. When hasn't the left cried armegeddon? Or apocalypse? Or warned of a constitutional crisis. When was the last time they actually thought anything through? A conservative court does not mean all the laws upheld by the SCOTUS that the left loves will be overturned. It means less activism and more originalism. That angers them because they want all three branches of government to legislate. Assuming they legislate the way they want.

How do they approach such an important issue? Easy! They destroy Justice Kennedy for having the gall to retire at 81 and as always lament about vaginas, segregation and the NRA. Without a supreme court full of liberals women will have no control of their bodies, black people be enslaved and NRA members will roam the country killing everyone not wearing a MAGA hat.  Basically their strategy is every democrat jumping out of the closet and shouting BOO! it's all about fear. Don't vote for democrats and the planet will literally boil to death on Tuesday. Vote for your local republican and women will be forced to give birth to healthy babies they never intended to have because they were too lazy to plan ahead. Everything else according to Chuck Schumer is a constitutional crisis.

Abolish ICE is all the rage now. All the 2020 candidates are on board because the base, CNN, MSNBC and Don Lemon say ICE is evil. Ask them who will do the job of ICE if that department is dissolved and they melt  into a mass of scrambled talking points and incoherent obfuscation.  In other words they sound like War and Peace as read by Nancy Pelosi. Nevertheless they see a racial opening. Anyone  who supports ICE is a Nazi. And Nazi's hate everyone who isn't white. Ask the Jews.

 I'm sure they love these ridiculous comparisons. Because border agents arresting people coming into the country illegally and putting their children into a different facility because it's not a good idea to house children with those who may be rapists and drug dealers is identical to Nazis gassing to death millions of Jews and dumping them into mass graves like diseased cattle. If anything middle America now understands their thirst for abortion. Democrats place no value on life. They worship abortion because abortion is the ultimate form of control. Democrats have spent decades solidifying their control over every aspect of our lives. It does not get any more personal than healthcare hence the ACA. Abortion gives them the power over life. It's no wonder they have an affinity for places like Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau. These places of death are the democrats vision of Disneyland. There is a sinister irony there. Democrats bare children while encouraging everyone else to kill their own in the name health and women's rights. I wonder what a recently aborted female baby thinks about this. Actually the left only cares about babies born outside of the US. In fact the only babies they don't want aborted are babies of illegals.

The one thing we all have in common is history. We were all taught history in school. And even in the worst public schools which are all of them we learned about the atrocities of the Nazis. Mass graves, concentration camps, harassment of Jewish shop owners, invasion of other countries and the goal of the ultimate white race. Americans see this and roll their eyes when the left scream "Nazi"! Wanting people to enter this great country legally is in the eyes of the left equivalent to Donald Trump ordering the mass execution of millions of Latinos. Oh! And the children!. Good luck with that argument. It gives Lawrence O'Donnell the raging mega boner his wife has longed for. "Trump is separating children from their parents". Yeah, you total idiots started protesting Trump's policy of separating children from their parents two weeks after President Trump signed an executive order stopping the policy. This idiocy is not lost on anyone who isn't part of the democrat's base. Sort of like when people proudly proclaim to be socialists while Venezuela is in ruins. Yeah, we notice that too.

We're all noticing that all they have is insults and threats. Barrack Obama was the vehicle to which they could finally push their big government communist-lite vision for America over the finish line. Unfortunately everyone left the race track before the end of the race. "We are the one we have been waiting for" went over as well as a musical about Gonorrhea. Basically eight decades of planning the US socialist revolution was destroyed in eight years of Obama's socialist policies. They did not see this coming and all they have left is anger.

Buckle up, it's only going to get worse.

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