Video of Cubans waiting hours for a loaf of bread.

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A few mills break down, and now they can't get bread.



It seems Cuba has just enough flour for the rationed bread.  Why is there not enough flour?  Just ask Cuba's Minister of the Food Industry, Iris Quiñones Rojas:

The head of the sector participated in the Roundtable TV program in a context of growing complaints from consumers and private businesses about the lack of the product in the network of stores all over the Island. Since a few weeks ago the lack of flour has worsened and many products that include this ingredient have stopped being sold.

Quiñones attributed the absence of this raw material to the poor state of the mills meant to process wheat on the Island and explained that since the beginning of the year “the country had to use financial resources that hadn’t been anticipated in the plan in order to import 30,000 tons of flour,” due to a failure to fulfill 70,000 tons from the national plan.

It's sad to see so many people subjugated to the desired implementations of Bernie Sanders.



There are actual grown adults who support this guy and think he's an economic genius.  Meanwhile, under his system, real people can't get something as basic as bread.  When was the last time you have ever had a problem getting bread?  They even sell it at crappy gas stations.  It's something we take for granted because we thankfully live in a capitalist society.  In Cuba, you can get in trouble if you supply a bakery with flour:

The self-employed women explains that she has received almost nothing for the past few weeks and that none of her suppliers “wants to risk himself” by making bread, sweets, or cookies even if they have a reserve of flour because the inspectors “are following them” to see where they got it from.

“They told me that a bag of flour is at a thousand pesos right now on the street,” she says. But in addition to the risk that one assumes to get the product in an illegal manner, she maintains that “it doesn’t support the business… I’m closing and that’s it, because selling meringues and candies, all that brings is loss,” insists the woman while she closes with a padlock the grille of the establishment before leaving.

When the government controls resources, they are the bottleneck to basic necessities.  No self-respecting declared socialist in the United States would ever stand for this or willingly live under such a system.  Like Bernie, they always thing they're going to be the ones at the top.


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