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I'll cut to the chase...

You were Right all along...

You were Right, he is the best thing since the wheel. This is not a joke, I, and many of my ilk, around 30%+ of the base now support Trump wholeheartedly!

Think about that, we didn't even vote for Trump, although, we would fight to vote for him now, yet the LSM would have us believe he is still in negative approval. Can you imagine how the vote would have gone if we had actually voted for him?

Point is, we are many and we'll be voting for his reelection in 2020, keep that in mind as you read on.

Yes, and we're fuckin tickled as Hell we were wrong and you were Right. In part, we weren't wrong on Cruz, no, we were sick and tired of Marxists running for office with an (R), we had fought a litany of leftists, from Kasich, Rubio to Jeb and his leftists family and their friends like the traitor McStain, we were certain Cruz would win, how could he lose?

But ya know what? We're now glad he didn't win. We now understand that Trump had been selected long before Cruz had even decided to enter the race, that Patriots, our Military leaders, and Conservatives had already decided the country needed a man that could handle the stress of a Presidency under assault by a very entrenched Marxist Deep State cancer.

As much as I respect Cruz, his values, his knowledge of our Founding ideals, he was too young for the job by comparison and didn't have the great minds backing him that the Trump team had already assembled.

I think many of us have come to see what he is doing, is in truth, pure genius.

We have a unique perspective, in that, we never got caught up in the trump hype, we, in truth, despised what the GOP did to Cruz in getting Trump selected, especially considering just how left the GOP leadership really is, anyone they choose must be as leftist as they are.

So, being true skeptics, we watched, day after day, week after week, Trump is no doubt going to go lib on us at any moment.

Still, months and months go by, and nothing, not one damn leftist move, though his rhetoric was all about placating to the left, including the gop'E. (little gop, big E for Establishment)

Now more than a year has gone by, and he has yet to go back on his campaign promises, he has yet to burn the base, and all that leftist placation was just that, lip service rhetoric to the left.

So for all of you that think Trump is going to conciliate to the left, about to grant amnesty, or cave to China, even give Putin the M/E, think about your evidence, all you have is fear, not one tangible piece of evidence, just your own fear that he's about to do what every Establishment Marxist with an (R) next to their name did. 

Well, stop worrying, get a grip on your emotion, because Trump is using this as a tool against the left as a way of keeping them off balance, because he knows they're emotional animals and see life through a prism of hate and anger, distrust, and suspicion. He also knows they willingly swallow the latest narrative no matter how ludicrous, so he sets the narrative with his every Tweet. 

Trump has the left so off balance, they're chasing Tweet Narratives like a kitten chases an LED light. He releases a post, and they pounce on it, then they prepare with a followup attack, only to discover he changed the game and is now throwing a ball, then a frisbee, dangling a fish in a feather boa, never once knowing what or why he is doing and just when they think they have him, he Tweets a completely new narrative, this time a bear in a tutu. (Russia Reference)

Yes, remember the Trump collusion? Don't pee yourself laughing at just how badly Trump burned them and their so-called "Insurance Policy", the root of their Impeachment scheme. He does this via Narrative Changeup and the left is completely at a loss in dealing with someone using their very own weapon against them, the media narrative. Yes, Trump has the LSM chasing themselves, trying to beat others to the punch, but their problem is, he had already set the narrative many moves back, merely playing them into a trap.

Yes, we, the nevertrumpers have a unique perspective because we never trusted anyone after the election, so we sat back and watched in disgust, and then in amazement, as Trump played the Marxist left, he even corralled McCON-nel and his band of traitors to the American people.

Don't believe me? Just look back at how many appearances the Con made since Trump's election, look at the Cons message, then look at the followup when the Con slinks back under his rock after getting his ass handed to him by Trump. Yes, Trump has essentially corralled the Establishment and shut them up, probably by giving them the illusion of a later success, but we all know the truth is, he played the Con.

So have faith you damn Deplorables', the Nevertrump movement is dead, if someone claims to be, they're either complete idiots or lying Marxist scum pretending to be on the Right.

At this rate, assuming he can keep up this pace, he'll go down in history as the Greatest President since George Washington.

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