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The 2018 mid terms will be interesting. Interesting in a sitting in the theater with your shoes stuck to the floor eating overpriced popcorn and watching the coming attractions sort of way. The left has devolved into a three ring circus. Each ring as angry and leftist as the others and, each willing to disembowel the others if it strays off the plantation.

Oh dear,  I used the word plantation. That must make me a racist who drives a pick-up adorned with a shotgun rack and confederate bumper sticker. Actually it just makes me clever because it's a segue to the first ring: The social justice movement.

It was a clever idea. Decide hate speech is illegal and then declare that the left and the left alone decides what is considered hate speech. The beauty of this is they immediately included anything they disagree with as hate speech. Sounds great but as always they overreached. Simply wearing a "make America great again" hat will cause hipsters to storm out of their local Starbucks in tears to hail a policeman. That in itself is ironic since they believe all cops have a deep rooted desire to shoot all black people. Schools have set up "free speech zones". Conservatives have been banned from speaking because their opinions are now considered hate speech. Conservatives  that are actually allowed to speak at these universities are met with violent protests and riots. Those snowflakes too sensitive to protest retreat to "safe places" where they can play with puppies and LEGOS.  We now have a generation of angry yet limp wristed androgynous kids who have no idea how to survive in the real world. If they can't handle opposing opinions how will they handle criticism from their employer?

Entertainingly the only thing they have accomplished is the earning of the epithet "snowflake" and the eventual turning on itself. CEO of the moronic liberal wasteland Twitter discovered this when he made the mistake of tweeting about his adventure to Chic-Fil-A. He was immediately eviscerated by the left because the CEO of the restaurant does not support gay marriage. He of course apologized for his lunch. I'm not sure what is more pathetic, the hand wringing over the chicken sandwich, the apology for the chicken sandwich or the tweeting of the chicken sandwich.

When these "tolerant" leftists are not on Twitter attacking people for eating a sandwich they are in the streets dressed as vaginas because Trump is the president. The very people that claim superiority because they have a degree wear vagina costumes and scream at the sky. It's much easier than actual debate. But what do they know? They are lemmings. Lemmings led by the other two rings in this circus of Caligula.

At the moment Robert Deniro who is apparently still a thing  is the leader of the celebrity ring of Caligula. I should explain that the leader of the celebrity ring of the Caligularian circus changes. Much like the UN leadership. The UN leadership changes monthly while Caligularian leadership changes depending on who can be more offensive on TV.

Any road, the left never moved on. Trump went to work undoing the democrat's great red hope's eight year assault on the United States and he's doing well. The left's response is recycled jokes on late night TV, shouting at awards shows and Jim Acosta just shouting at whoever will listen. 18 months into Trump's first term the best they have is a D-list celebrity apologizing for calling Ivanka Trump a c*nt so she can become a C-list celebrity. If the perpetually frumpy Sandra Bee was as Edgy as she is billed she would not have apologized. Comedians should embrace their comedy. In Ms. Bee's case she should embrace her utter hatred because she is as funny as leprosy.

Inauguration day was fun. Ashley Judd was let out of her facility on a two day leave. She didn't disappoint. Madonna threatened to blow up the white house in between not being relevant. The rest just donned their genitalia hats and threw bricks through shop windows because Trump.

Twitter is the wasteland for the stupid and the lonely. There is something seriously wrong with you if you feel the need to tell people you had a bagel for breakfast. Again, there is something seriously wrong with you if you think you are so awesome that everyone will love what you post regardless of how false it is. Super awesome celebrities who walk around LA  sipping their hipster coffee flanked by armed bodyguards think they should lecture the rest of the country on why guns are bad. For people who think they are intellectually better than the rest of us, the irony and hypocrisy should be obvious. It never is.

This second ring is full of celebrities living a bubble, telling us how we should live and who to vote for. It is also full of actors who want to be or once were relevant trying desperately to get invited to the Oscars again by mocking anyone who voted for Trump. Those I like in a driving slowly past a car wreck sort of way. The problem with being rich and famous is you lose any sense of self awareness. In other words you become a moron. That's why Alyssa Milano showed up at a gun control rally with  armed bodyguards. To this day she has no idea why that's hypocritical. Assuming she knows the definition of hypocritical. It's the same reason why Leonardo Di Caprio flies around the world in a private jet to tell people to stop using fossil fuels. The more movie roles you get the thicker your skull becomes. It's a fact.

I have to mention Kathy Griffin and Rosie O'Donnell even though to call them celebrities is like calling Barrack Obama a major league pitcher. Those two along with the hags on The View and Alec Baldwin are the best representation of the left. Vicious, angry, miserable people. Hollywood has this false sense of superiority simply because they are rich and people love the characters they pretend to be. of course no one likes anything Rosie O'Donnell does because she's just a large ball of fat filled with self loathing. Kathy Griffin used to be funny back when....Kathy Griffin has never been funny. She isn't stupid though, well she's not bright but she's clever. The whole severed Trump head was sort of brilliant. She did it and her non existent career was torpedoed and she claimed to be the victim. Now she's almost a D-list celebrity and selling slightly more tickets than "Goebbels the Musical". Well done, Kathy.

Meanwhile Big Rosie has no career, or friends but....oh who cares.

Hollywood was in the tank for Hillary and she lost, yet the DNC is once again looking to Hollywood for of all things...messaging. Apparently the democrat party thinks millionaire actors have something in common with the deplorable factory worker in the Midwest. And this strategy is being embraced by those running for office. That's right dear reader, mid America politicians are looking to Hollywood on how to talk to mid America voters. Let that sink in while I move on to the third ring of Caligula.

When was the last time a democrat congressman did not look almost not completely miserable? They are the party of Zoloft. A miserable lot and their legislation mirrors their personalities. Everything they do weighs down on the country. Their idea of a booming economy is like the food coma we all feel after Thanksgiving dinner. Tired and sluggish.  Trump speaks and you feel energized and positive. Chuck Schumer speaks and you want a nap and some pudding before bingo.

"Unhinged" is the term often used to describe the DNC. Those lunatics are looking at unhinged in the rear view mirror. Tom Perez. Yeah, he's great. Swears a lot and well that's it really. Anger and obscenities seems to be the DNC's platform.. Aside from the one they stole from Papa Johns. Oh , they also invented a position for Keith Ellison. Perhaps to persuade the fat sweaty anti Semitic douchebag from detonating himself in the name of Mohammad.  Was that over the top? Good.

Democrats are 18 months into an 8 year temper tantrum. They have not just taken their ball and gone home they set fire to the ball and threw grenades onto the playground. Congress has been hammered by the republicans since Obama took office. Democrats, the country just isn't into you. Why? See above.

Democrats lose elections because they alienate voters, take them for granted and outright insult them.  Republicans lose elections because they don't have the balls to defend their beliefs. Times however are changing. What happened to the Tea Party is the question asked by liberal pundits employing the smirk that guarantees more people watch "When Goldfish Attack" rather than CNN or the Rachel Maddow Network. The Tea party is still there. It simply no longer needs to be in the news. It proved that it is possible to be a true conservative and get elected. It showed that having balls is not misogynistic.  The GOP isn't in as bad a shape the Wolf Blitzers of the world would have you believe. They have a message, aside from what the ever dwindling anti-Trumpers say. Trump is doing okay. He's winning and the Bill Kristols of the world can't handle it. Hey Bill, Fuck off and take David Brooks, Michael Steele and the rest of the MSNBC republicans with you.

Let's get down to brass tax. The democrats are in a worse position than a Rabbi at a Nazi disco.. Yeah it's that bad. They oppose Trump at every turn. That's expected. What was not expected is these half wits continue to preach the horribleness of the policies that are actually working. The Trump tax bill was billed as "Armageddon" by the second least coherent person in congress. Several months and an historically lower unemployment rate later Nancy Pelosi is still claiming a economic holocaust. Hank Johnson was too busy attaching floaties to the shores of Guam to comment. When things are working you have to admit they are working, if not you just look pathetic. In Pelosi's case she looks pathetic and droopy. Meanwhile Guam still has not tipped over.

North Korea. It's all the rage. So was predicting Trump's failure and proclaiming Trump failed. CNN and MSNBC didn't disappoint. The three or four people viewers were treated to a smorgasbord of smug, preening liberals telling us how badly Trump failed...before Trump actually landed in Singapore. In other words a Smugasbord of liberal pontification. I think I should copyright that.

Trump did well in Singapore. Was a lot accomplished? Not really but simply getting the pudgy dictator to leave the hermit kingdom was a big step. All three rings howled and caterwauled because Trump put an end to the military exercises with South Korea. Big deal? Well considering we still have a base in South Korea and over
30,000 soldiers in the region I'd say not really, no. Sanctions are still in place and we got three prisoners released. It's a start. How many times did Reagan meet with Gorbachev?

Americans are happy. Americans are proud. Democrats, the third ring are pissed. They immediately held a press conference. Chuck Schumer looked like someone just told him his dog died. They all went on the Sunday talk shows to tell us how terrible the summit went. As usual the coordination was perfect but the consequences will be exquisite. The DNC has boxed itself into a corner and now has to publicly do what it has done privately for decades. Root against the United States. When things go wrong they blame the GOP and the GOP caves in like a mine disaster on Bonanza. "Go to the senate floor, little Joe and ask for a recess!"

The democrats cloak every issue in a Sharknado-like tapestry of destruction. Everything the democrats oppose is going to be the end of civilization as we know it. Climate change, immigration, tax cuts and North Korea. All predicted to be the end in aa late night television sort of way. Life however goes and so do elections and that has them soiling their depends. Their messaging is in disarray. They have forgotten that they cannot tell the voters what they really want. The first thing to go is the memory and Nancy Pelosi is 206 years old and on the few occasions she is coherent she says democrats will raise taxes if they retake control of congress. That's less popular than promising a dead dog on every doorstep.

Meanwhile the dead horse called Russia is being beating with and even deader llama. Adam Schiff creeps around DC with those disturbing eyes looking as if he wants to hypnotize you. "Look into my eyes, look into my eyes. President Trump was born in Moscow". He's been claiming for nearly two years he has evidence that Trump and Putin want to take over the universe. We're still waiting. That's good enough for MSNBC though. As long as a democrat has a pussy hat he or she is to be believed no matter what.

These geriatric jerk offs are too busy screaming about another Armageddon and Hitler to realize no one outside of DC cares. They do care about their taxes. And their healthcare. Immigration? Yeah they care about that too but from a security standpoint. They also notice when democrat after democrat stands of the floor of the congress or goes on television to lament the plight of everyone except the American people. You want their votes but you couldn't care less about them after you are elected.

November will be fun, watching democrats root against the security of the united states while lecturing Christians about immigrant children, forgetting everyone knows their thirst for abortion. Screaming about Russia instead if fixing healthcare. As it stands now republicans just need to have some answers and ideas. Trump can go on vacation for the 2020 campaign because the roles have been reversed. It's the democrats determined to destroy itself.

We live in interesting times.



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