Submitted by The Boo Man on Mon, 02/10/2020 - 23:49

He did it. The president did it. He went and broke the democrat party. It only took him three years. That's impressive considering it took us five years to beat the Japs and the Krauts. Yeah, I said krauts. Call the UN if you're offended. All the president did is win an election. Reviving the economy and encouraging the country to embrace it's inner patriotism helped. The last week was not just the best week of Trump presidency but it was the week the media and their army of democrat strategists and sycophants realized their party was on the verge of extinction.

Well, we had the state of the union. That was interesting. For the first time in American history the SOTU was accompanied by interpretive dance. That is the only way I can describe what Nancy Pelosi was doing. This harpy of Haight Ashbury looked like a tweeker. Pelosi was suffering. I almost felt sorry for her but she's an awful person so no I didn't and I don't.  Nancy Pelosi was a quivering mix of Rain Man, Monk and a strung out Sid Vicious. She spent the entire speech talking to herself, adjusting her microphone, shuffling papers and playing Australian rules football with her dentures. All the while thinking about the last three years and how Trump has always been several steps ahead of her.

For three years she fought with the president but fended off the impeachment push. Finally she gave in to the new kids on the block because like most idiots she mistook lots of twitter followers with actual influence. Social media is influential but not to the point you impeach the president. Aside from that she had a few complete lunatics ranting non stop about getting rid of Trump. First there was Maxine Waters. The least stable person in congress. Then came Al Greene who looks like the puckered ass of a golden retriever. He gave the whole game away. He said Trump had to be impeached because he could be reelected.

Jerry Nads and Adam Schiff saw Greenes's bat signal and went to work being utterly incompetent. According to them Trump was guilty of spying for Russia, money laundering, tax fraud, emoluments abuse and campaign finance violations. Then for reasons no one can fathom they decided to instead impeach him because he used the phone.

The media is only now realizing almost no one cared and the few that did have moved on. Meanwhile the president has been barnstorming the country selling out arenas talking about how great the country is doing. The democrats on the other hand are shouting at a handful of people about how awful things are and of course how racist we are. Basically the democrats are an emo poetry reading at a hipster coffee shop and President Trump is The Who live at Leeds and the media is jumping up and down shouting "danger, Will Robinson!" Skeletor's stunt double James carville literally crapped himself on television. Bill Maher is back on Prozac and Chris Mathews lost his tingle.

They're freaking out over Bernie Sanders which is in my opinion rather hypocritical because anyone with half a brain knows they wouldn't be worried about Socialism if Sanders had a chance against Trump. But Trump succeeded in hanging the socialism label around the party and he painted a picture grim enough that all Sander's attempts to dress it up with words like 'democratic' and 'Denmark' have fallen flat. None of the democrat's enablers noticed because they were busy obsessing over that week's white knight. Whether it's Michael Cohen or Michael Avenetti every week was the week Trump was toast. At the same time people were back to work and enjoying life. Reality is begriming to slap them in the face and no one needs slapping more than Don Lemon, Fredo and the rest of the CNN and MSNBC Obamabots.

Meanwhile the candidates are just a bunch of dictatorial Debbie downers trying to out-doom each other aside from Pete Buttigieg. He manages to never say anything, ever. The establishment chose their candidate three years ago. Joe Biden because they never learn. The country is finished with legacy candidates. That is one of the reasons Hillary lost (being unlikable, frail, corrupt and just plain awful didn't help either). Well, they figured a Joe Biden campaign would be a cake walk because of Barack Obama. Well, the DNC still hasn't realized that the base of the party has thrown Obama onto the trash heap of history because he wasn't Stalinist enough.  Aside from that, President Obama in all his oratorical glory can't carry someone who insults the voters and never knows what state he is in. No spin doctor on the planet can explain away stories about wet leg hair and children jumping on lifeguard's laps. Yet no one saw this slow disaster unfold because they were being led down a rabbit hole by The president. Yeah, the democrats dug the rabbit hole but Trump has been leading them down it from the beginning. He has simply taken advantage of their paranoia and hatred.

So, that Iowa thing, that was fun, right? They are so afraid of Trump that they feel the need to hand pick their candidate regardless of what the voters want. As much as they love Bernie's visions of government dominance Trump has dashed those chances so they had to find someone they thought could win. They have tried to control every aspect of the 2020 campaign. Bernie was obviously going to win Iowa so they had to step in and put the fix in. That worked as well as can be expected. Like handing the car keys to Ted Kennedy after 12 gin and tonics. I suppose when you concentrate all your efforts on impeaching the president you have little left over for things like counting votes competently.

They hate Trump so much they are already talking about Impeachment II. Great! Bring it on. Trump revels in the fight and the country loves watching him punch back. Meanwhile the democrat party has broken up into something that resembles the middle east. Warring factions and demands of purity amongst the ranks. President Trump will do something or say something that will drive them to further their impeachment obsession, leaving Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders to finish off the party. It's a good time to be alive.



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