Submitted by The Boo Man on Thu, 01/02/2020 - 13:11

CNN recently ran a segment where they had to admit that President Trump is attracting democrats and former democrat voters. Unlike Kamala Harris they must have found that hard to swallow. It shouldn't however be that much of a shock. Just look at the alternative to Trump. The same exact thing they have been offering the voters for decades.

Same sort of people, rich hypocrites who rail against the wealth they themselves have obtained. And, the same tired old polices. Government everything. However they get richer and the problems get worse. Healthcare is still broken. As is immigration, student loans, endless wars etc. Warren, Sanders and Biden have been in congress for decades and yet they have fixed none of it. So what is the draw?

There is no draw, no attraction. Just look at their rallies. Yeah, Bernie Sanders can draw some big crowds. Especially when he has an opening act like perennial adolescent Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent. However the majority of those at his rallies are what has become the democrat base. Far left ideologues. You won't find many moderate democrats or independents. Certainly no republicans. The same goes for Warren. The only difference is if Warren gets the nomination, Sanders' supporters will go home and sulk. If Sanders gets the nomination Warren's supporters will support Sanders. Then there is Joe Biden, the supposed frontrunner and best bet to defeat Trump. As far as rallies go, he can't fill a footlocker. Those who do show up are mostly people who watch NASCAR for the crashes. They show up to see what idiocy he will say next.  When he speaks he rambles about Corn Pop and children rubbing his leg hair and bites his wife. During his more coherent episodes he calls his supporters liars and challenges them to push-up contests. All three of the nightmares have something else in common. Their view of the country.

Just look at the debates. All of them paint a dark, dangerous, dystopian portrait of America under Trump. The same color by numbers painting they have done for every republican president since Nixon. A country where Christianity is threatening and there are bands of white supremacists roaming the country killing every non white person they come across. A nation where the rich get richer and the poor are killed and used for kindling. A nation where the poisoned middle class all work three jobs. And, a world that is ending in 12 years.

Their rallies are no different. They are dark and filled with anger and rage where the candidates and the audience collectively shake their fists at the country because it is the rest of us who are to blame for everything. The deplorables. People who don't abort their children and drive non electric cars to gun ranges. If you don't vote democrat you are a racist and hate the planet.

They also predict things will get worse if Trump is reelected because of Russia!, Ukraine! and he stole my pen! President Trump is guilty of more crimes than Caligula but is not being impeached on any of them. It doesn't matter. It get's the froth up at their otherwise stale as pond water rallies.

And then there is Trump and his rallies where you will see three thousand people standing outside the building because all fifteen thousand seats inside are taken. Inside there are all kinds of people waving all kinds of signs that don't say "Abortion is Awesome". No one is angry because there are those that make more money than them. Everyone is happy and having a good time and they're not all white. Don't forget the MAGA hats. That's really what it's all about.  Trump supporters say "we can do this!" while democrats shout "because of you we're all going to die in 12 years". Democrats court the negativity demographic where Trump rallies is where negativity goes to die.

Then there is Trump himself. He doesn't need a prompter. He just gets up there and riffs. He talks trash. Sometimes he talks bollocks but he always talks about what we can be as a nation. As he shits on the people who have shit on the country for decades the democrats and their media lapdogs have a hard time responding because they are America's biggest critics. Most of the country in between the coasts is the left's toilet. They crap on us at every  opportunity because it makes them feel superior. Well, we're no longer having it. They crap on us because of what we embrace. Freedom, choice, liberty and religion. They never realized how many of us there are.

There are plenty of democrats and former democrats who feel the same way. In fact, take away the political aspect and most of us value these very same things. Just don't tell Sanders and company. Democrats need  an enemy for the voters to focus on rather than issues. That enemy is us. America.  We are what is preventing the democrats from total power and domination. Barack was supposed to be the Trojan horse but we saw through that. We're not dumb. The left still hasn't realized that.

If you're a democrat years of being lectured on how to live and being told how awful your life is must be exhausting.  I don't know how you get out of bed in the morning. Being told what to think, what to eat, what straws to use, how much water to consume and what to set your thermostat to must take it's toll. Especially when those lecturing you have a carbon footprint bigger than Jerry Nadler's thighs. Quite a few of you have had it and have gone to the dark side which is not as dark as you've been told. It's kind of fun, being told it's okay to live your lives as you please and that you have the right to defend yourself. And the numbers bear this out. 27 percent of those at Trump rallies are democrats and 20 percent are black.

Something is happening...again. And it's the voters opting for something different. They're opting for not being condescended to. Not being called deplorable. Not being laughed at because they go to church and not being told how to live their lives. It's the free thinkers versus the robots and there are more if us than them.




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