Starbucks understands how unpopular AntiFa and BLM are with Americans

When Starbucks announced its adamant support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter in the wake of George Floyd's death, many Starbucks employees asked their managers and corporate representatives if they could wear shirts or pins in support of the movement to work. The answer, according to a memo obtained by Buzzfeed News, was a firm "no."

The memo, which was confirmed as genuine by a company spokesman, states that a number of store managers had asked about the request during a weekly "Workplace Live" event.

In response, the memo stated, "As a reminder, the dress code policy we have carefully considered and defined over the past few years states: 'Partners may only wear buttons or pins issued to the partner by Starbucks for special recognition or for advertising a Starbucks-sponsored event or promotion. ... Partners are not permitted to wear buttons or pins that advocate a political, religious or personal issue."

Starbucks understands if employees wore flare supporting anti-American groups and terrorist organizations, it would not go well in most places in the United States. It sounds good inside of Seattle, or some craphole area inside New York City, but it would seriously tick off most of us outside of the Antifastan border.

Starbucks is already on my crap list, not just because of their horrible coffee, but their blatant anti-Christmas stance with their cups. They can put up a Christmas Tree, or NOEL, or something that lets us know that they're still an American company, but they refuse.

It's at least somewhat good to see Starbucks cares somewhat about their customer base, unlike media organizations or businesses that clearly have no fear of losing customers.