Submitted by DC on Sun, 01/20/2019 - 09:24

I’ve been hearing the rumblings about tough times for furloughed workers. We’re nine days in (the first missed paycheck was January 11) and government workers are being forced to eat their pets. I was thinking about this conundrum, and how these people can start receiving paychecks again. I have a solution I’d like to suggest:

Get another job.

I know that's radical thinking, but out here in the private sector, when someone is not getting paid by their employer, they leave and find another.  Ironically, the same guy holding firm on border security is the same guy leading the American economic revolution that's giving us more available jobs than workers. In this red hot economy, a government worker can make a safe transition from parasite to producer.

I don’t understand the assumption of entitlement for these people where they’re immune to the government-equivalent of market dynamics. In the private sector during tough times, businesses go under and employees are laid off. In government, you may be caught up in a shutdown, but receive your back-pay and continue working after it ends.

There are important jobs in government, but I’ve always thought that we can cut it in half. Beyond maintaining the courts, law enforcement, military, and other national security related roles, we have plenty of fat to trim. I hope this is what the President wants to implement.

The government workers not getting paid can find another place to work in this strong economy instead of complaining how tough times are.