Submitted by The Boo Man on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 13:28

March 23rd might be the day Donald Trump won reelection because the democrats insisted on taking advantage of the Asian Chinese Wuhan crisis to advance an agenda they can't pass at the ballot box. The economy is stalling and people are struggling and the democrats have decided to prevent any sort of emergency relief bill from being passed because Global warming, unions and the race card, to name a few.
That's right. They have decided to prolong the country's suffering because of the Green New Deal and a host of other progressive dreams on the Lenin laundry list.

There is only one way to look at this. Democrats hate this country. I really don't know what else to think. They have spent decades trying to change this country into something that has never worked for anyone but the elites in government. Because they have been rejected at the ballot box time after time they have become bitter, angry and vindictive. Now is not the time to rebuild the country in their vision which is more like downtown Caracas  than downtown Boise. And yet here we are. They demand businesses shut down and then refuse to help those businesses.They have become so anti business they are a danger to this nation. These traitorous halfwits can't grasp the fact that giving workers a one time check is not sustainable but a job is. People can't work if there are no companies to hire them and yet the democrats have this visceral hatred towards the free market.

There was a bipartisan effort to craft a bill and it was a done deal and then impeachment Pelosi returned from Scat Francisco and announced she had her own bill. Everything ground to a halt and the country continues to suffer. what does she want? Racial quotas, emissions reports from airlines, a post office bailout and a $15 national minimum wage. Let's not forget the unions. They get some sort of collective bargaining agreement. The left depends on union money almost as much as it depends on abortion mill money.

The minimum wage bit is interesting. How will companies afford a minimum wage hike if they have no business? Some states are in a lock down. There are curfews. No one is spending money. Many people have no money to spend and the democrats want to force business to pay more. This is insane. The travel industry has been decimated and the democrats only solution is to force them to meet certain emission standards. Brilliant.

As it stands now Pelosi's bill is over 1200 pages and yes there's money for planned parenthood. Not only are the democrats putting American lives at risk they are ensuring more babies will be slaughtered. I would ask for some connecting of the dots but that would simply be pissing in the wind. Asking  a democrat to explain their policies is like a dull knife, pointless.

There's also a provision for solar tax credits. Apparently the democrats want to Solyndra the US economy. Color me not surprised.

Meanwhile Joe Biden woke up from his week long nap for a second attempt at technology. It went as expected. The teleprompter froze, he had no script in front of him and had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to be talking about. And this is after he reportedly spent a week huddling with "experts". You can find the clip on what Bernie Sanders calls "the Youtube". This folks is democrat leadership. It also may be why they are holding the American people hostage. They know they are doomed in November and this might be their only shot at their Stalinist agenda for another 4 years. Perhaps longer if they cannot find a candidate under the age of 205 whose polices do not scare the crap out of everyone.

The GOP grew a spine under President Trump's leadership and they are not letting the democrats off the hook. They're calling them out. The democrats are trying to put the blame on republicans but it's the democrats who put a halt to a bill they already agreed upon. They claim it was not bi partisan however Chuck Schumer said on Sunday "But actually, to my delight and surprise there has been a great deal of bipartisan cooperation thus far". Well, it appears Nancy Pelosi has Senator Schumer's testicles safely tucked away in her handbag. The left is being roasted. Ted Cruz's beard was in particularly fiery form. Mitch McConnell was so enraged he actually developed a pulse. You know the democrats have stepped way over the line when Mitt Romney criticizes them. If that is not a wake up call then there is no hope for them.

There is something else that has become apparent to the American people since Trump first sat in the oval office. They detest hope. They have absolutely no positive view towards the country or it's people. Donald Trump is a perpetually positive person and that drives them crazy. He has kept a positive outlook for the country throughout the crisis and they trash him for that. He's not giving people false hope. He's rallying them. Something the democrats do not know how to do unless they are promising free stuff. The president's message is there is nothing we cannot overcome if we work together. The democrats message for the last
 60 years has been the country is inherently racist and greedy and we cannot survive without the government controlling every aspect of our lives. Most of us reject that and when we do they become vindictive.

When campaigning politicians like to say "Washington is broken". I guess they think it's clever. The truth is Washington breaks things and right now the democrats are trying once again to break the country, Perhaps for the last time. If the pandemic recedes soon the economy will quickly bounce back since it was roaring along beforehand. When that happens the cord will be pulled from the DNC's life support. Good riddance to bad trash.


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