The Second Coming of Obama is upon Us!

Submitted by The Boo Man on Sun, 03/17/2019 - 01:58

This should pan out to be one of the strangest campaigns in recent memory.  For those with a weird sense of humor and those who slow down on the highway when they pass a wreck get your popcorn and those awful mint things you can get at the theater for 15 dollars. He's going to show himself to be the ultimate polician and moron. He is going to be more flexible than Barrack Obama after a lubed evening of Twister with Vlad "look at my nipples" Putin. The media picks the democrats nominee, every election.  Based on hair , speech and now skateboarding abilities.

I am going to be blunt. Can I be blunt? Robert O'Rourke is a creepy opportunist with a resume that rivals Bernie Sanders in it's lack of weight. He's done very little in politics aside from collect a paycheck and try and convince everyone it would be really awesome if he were president. His hair is better than Bernie's. Bernie has not combed his hair since Woodstock and Beto's hair makes him look like something from LEGO land. This O'Rourke clown cannot be all there. He live streamed a dental appointment on Instagram, whatever the hell that is. He must have no one around to say things like "yeah, that's not a good idea" because the only things worse than a dental appointment is a either a trip to the gynecologist or a prostate exam. Everyone dreads having their teeth scraped yet this dipshit thought it would be a social media home run.

48 hours in and he was already apologizing for something and as usual he was apologizing for something that did not need apologizing for other than leftists were triggered. He made a joke about his wife doing most of the work raising their children. Apparently there was a lot of triggering so he did a lot of apologizing and blamed it on his white privilege. Let's be honest folks, he's the whitest person since Michael Dukakis to run for president. Beto completely missed the issue. As I said he's not all there but so did the fawning media. He made a joke about not being there for his family. Quite true. After his career launching loss to Ted Cruz he abandoned his family and hit the road for some sort of mid life crisis road tour. Sorry Robert but if Ernest Hemingway and Jack Kerouac had a baby it would not be you.

I would be remiss if I just focused on Rob's weirdness and spent no time on his campaign platform. Unfortunately he does not have one. His web site has nothing but links to donate and buy stuff. That's it. Not so ready for prime time. However he has given us a glimpse into his views. He says he's a capitalist. He then says he backs the green new deal. Hmm. The first question to him at the first debate should be this: You say you're a capitalist and you have stated you support the green new deal. The green new deal would have the government take over the energy sector, the airline industry, the health care sector and the government would become one of the biggest job providers which would shrink the private economy. How can you be a capitalist if you support bill that kills capitalism?. He won't have to because Fox has been excluded from the debates so Chris Mathews can publicly masturbate over Rob's skateboarding abilities. he stood in front of a really tall fence while proclaiming he is anti border wall. This guy has less situational awareness than Barrack Obama and that asshead thought it would be okay for the nation to watch him step onto a golf course five minutes after a press conference about an American beheaded by ISIS.

So, what will he run on? Whatever the media wants. He's using the Obama playbook. Barrack was whatever the voters wanted and it worked because he was a nobody.  Beto has a far bigger social media footprint than when Obama first ran for president. Aside from that Obama could talk a good game disguising his lack of basically everything. Bobby O'Rourke can't talk his way out of a phone booth.

The debates will be fun. He's already admitted his white privilege so how will he handle questions about reparations? He's going to be the "moderate capitalist" who will embrace everything the far left candidates are spewing. If his debates with Ted Cruz are any sort of indication he will drown in the shallow end of the Socialist pond.

But it will be fun.



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