Submitted by The Boo Man on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 23:42

Ah Bernie, we hardly knew ya. Actually we know you too well and are relieved that you are out of the race. We are sick of your voice. We are sick of your hatred of prosperity and quite frankly your sour face. Your endorsement of Gropy Joe is the final bit of proof that you are nothing but a fraud. A socialist yes. A revolutionary no.

Sander's two presidential campaigns were almost as ineffectual as his 29 years in congress. The only difference is he wasted more money as a candidate. During his time in DC he has authored an astounding 7 bills. That's 7 bills in 29 years and, none of them had anything to do with his pet policies such as health care, income equality and student debt. After spending nearly thirty years where the he could have had the biggest impact regarding getting his polices enacted he decided he would run for president as a socialist. That went well which isn't surprising because he is a fraud.

He talks about a revolution and he looks warmly upon dictators. He has amassed an army of clueless children who are ready to burn the country to the ground because billionaires. However once again he proves to be nothing but another milquetoast democrat. He's not an independent. He never was. He caucuses with the democrats, he fundraisies with democrats and he gets his committee assignments from the democrat leadership. He has run twice as a democrat and of course he has now twice bent over and took it up the jacksie from the democrat party. Some revolutionary.

He claims to be anti establishment and yet he has now twice backed the establishment candidate. First Captain Pantsuit and now gropy Joe. Biden is against Medicare for all, Senator Sander's main issue and yet Sanders backs him anyway. If there was a Bernie Sanders movement it was because of his naive, ill informed followers, not Bernie himself. He went to Washington, accomplished nothing and got rich doing it. That's as establishment as you can get. All he does is talk like most every other congressmen. When the rubber meets the road his Trabant is stuck on the side of the motorway.

Sniffy fingers Biden spent the debates explaining how there is no way to pay for all of Sanders' policies and he's right. Meanwhile Sanders waved that creepy finger and failed to explain how. Why is Sanders backing him? Because it's the easy thing to do. Bernie Sanders isn't a revolutionary. He's a slow moving puddle of water. Taking the path of least resistance. He never fought back against smears from the Clinton campaign and he refused to attack Biden at all. Revolutionaries are not pacifists.

You would have thought Sanders would have used this evil Asian Chinese Wuhan pandemic to push for single payer healthcare. After all his party has used it to push for every other democrat dream. He's too busy lounging in one of his three dachas. Why fight when you can relax. He's spent the last two campaigns just giving speeches to his adoring idiots and flying on private jets. Now he will go back to congress and do nothing like he has his whole life, leaving his followers to burn down the convention in between runs to trendy coffee shops.

Sanders was never a threat. I'm not even sure he really believes in the stuff he espouses because he has never married an action to any of his words. Filing for office doesn't count. Anyone can do that. It's what you do after you win the election that counts. He's done nothing during all of his congressional terms. Why should we believe he would do anything as president? He certainly hasn't put forth any effort during his presidential campaigns and when it comes down to it he always aligns himself with those who are at the root of all our problems. Like Joe Biden.

Good riddance to the pantomime revolutionary.


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