Republicans Can Own The Libs on Climate Change By Defending Nuclear Plants On The Brink

Do Republicans realize how vulnerable Democrats have made themselves on climate change?

Out of one side of their mouths Democrats say we have just 12 years until climate doomsday. Out of the other side of their mouth they call for shutting down nuclear plants, our largest source of clean energy.

In February, when she introduced her Green New Deal, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for a “transition off of” nuclear, America’s largest source of clean, zero-emissions energy.

Last Monday, at a televised Fox News Townhall meeting, Sen. Bernie Sanders reiterated his call for the closure of nuclear plants.

Now, Democratic lawmakers in Pennsylvania and Ohio are fighting legislation that would save both states’ nuclear plants, and prevent a spike in carbon emissions.

If Democrats get their way, nuclear plants, which constitute 90% of the clean (zero-emissions) electricity in those states, will be replaced by coal and natural gas, and emissions will rise.