Submitted by Solar on Sat, 11/25/2017 - 20:21

The party of the 60s, though not what anyone would consider aligned with American Founding Values, still didn't hate the country, they were still traditional in their support of the nation, JFK believed in what would later be coined as Reaganomics, where tax cuts not only created prosperity but increased revenue for the US, as in more taxable income.

It wasn't until LBJ came on the scene that the party embraced division as a tactic to lock certain groups into supporting the left (Hence the killing off of the Black nuclear family of two-parent households.)

It was from this lesson the left began to expand "Divide and Conquer" tactics as we see in the coming years. From "Anyone over 30 is the enemy", the "Generation Gap" is what we referred to it as, though all it amounted to was, the left teaching kids that being radical, questioning values as well as cultural norms (Conservative Ideals) was the cool thing to do.

But you all know this, most of you, like me, experienced history firsthand, and most of us didn't accept it, especially the Hippie generation of "Anything Goes", "If it feels good, Do it".

These were the talking point messages of the day, though not everyone bought into them, corporate America stepped up its ad buys playing off the discourse in subtle ways. For example, as the late 60s, and early 70s rolled around, long hair was becoming the thing mainstream, so butch haircuts were out and longer was in thanks to the Beatles cut kicking it off.

My point is, corporate America enforced these changes, with ads like "The Wet Head Is Dead", no more Pomade, the long dry look would last for a couple of three decades.

But I digress, sorry for rambling.

Look at the Dim party today, it's a mere image of what it was just 8 short years ago, it's strength came from aligning extremist groups with one another, problem is, they created division within their own constituency, from hating Whitey, to capitalism is evil, and everything in between.

They failed to keep these groups cohesive within the party, add to that, their lies of loving the country while supporting ANTIFA, OWS BLM, all designed to attack the values of the nation and distancing themselves further from Core Principles/Values the Nation was founded on.
Even Fuglosi found it necessary to explain how the party loved capitalism, that's how bad it had gotten, so much so, their constituency had more in common with Marxism than our very way of life.
The base booed her over her claims of Capitalism is good.

Point is, the party used to theme itself on protecting Liberty, only to create special liberties for each and every group under their big tent, be it militant, or Snowflake, these groups began to clash, and there's no putting the smoke back in that burned out transformer, it's done cooked out.
In summary? The party you and I knew since the 60s is dead and gone, never to rise again, but what comes out of the ashes will take decades to coalesce into a working party again, if ever.

The only reason the party remains even remotely viable, even though it isn't, is both the leftist media needs it, and the gop'E needs someone to blame for their own increase in the debt. Yes, the Establishment needed the Dims to pass their pork-laden OMNIBUS Bill, for, without a viable Dim party, they'd have to explain why they are acting like the leftists they are. 

So expect the gop'E to do its best to create the illusion the left is alive, when it truth, it's very much alive in the gop'E. 


(gop'E = GOP' Establishment) Establishment being larger than the party itself at the moment. Currently, the RNC, Republican National Committee is the bigger enemy with its funding of new leftist candidates.