Submitted by The Boo Man on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 23:19

Leadership. All presidential elections come down to leadership and, this one in particular will come down to who is capable of leading the country. Joe Biden has spent the entire campaign season as well as his political career proving he isn't a leader but an arrogant opportunist and to be honest just a dick.

Apparently Joe Biden didn't believe he had to campaign. Either that or he simply was too tired from all that hair sniffing and bigotry. I understand his handlers saw this as the only way he could possibly win, to hide him in a closet under a blanket with his mouth duct taped shut because he's a walking gaffe machine. However not the idiot prone gaffetastic Biden of yesteryear. This one is a befuddled angry Depends spokesman who cannot stop lying. That's of course when he pops his head out like a curious groundhog to see if he's won yet.

He's just phoning it in, folks. Anyone blessed with the gift of sight can see this. The campaign is where you prove to the people you are capable and willing to do the hard graft necessary to lead the nation. Decomposing Joe has done neither. He doesn't feel he has to. How's that for taking votes for granted. Democrats excel at this. Want proof? Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago etc. Those cities are and have been controlled by democrats for decades and they are toilets. The boils on the buttocks of  America. Why are they toilets? Well why work to fix them when you're guaranteed reelection?

So, we have Kenosha. Another city burned to the ground because a cop shot someone who as usual was not the saint in baggy pants the media portrayed him to be. The result was the same. Innocent people having their lives destroyed. What better way to stem this tide of systemic racism then to burn down a furniture store? Donald Trump announced he was going to go to Kenosha. The governor asked him to stay away. And so Trump went to Kenosha. Meanwhile Joe Biden had no plans to visit the smoldering ashes of Kenosha. While he sat in his basement, Donald Trump walked through the ruins and talked to the people. Giving them reassurance the country and their government was actually on their side. That is leadership. What the hell was Biden doing in his basement aside from sniffing hair care products?

Well he's been nipping at the president's ankles like an annoying little dog. And, in Joe Biden style he simply uses other people's words. Everything the democrats have said about Trump Biden just regurgitates. No matter how many times it has been debunked. Nothing original, nothing thought provoking and nothing of substance. He constantly blames the evil Chinese death flu on Trump but when recently asked what his plan is, the best he could do is direct people to his web site. Does this hair sniffing halfwit even know what his plan is? So what is his problem? Exhaustion? arrogance? Not giving a shit? This isn't leadership.

Someone in Biden's nursing staff must have seen some polling and swiftly awakened him from his mid day slumber to get him ready for a quick trip to Wisconsin. Whilst Joe was being washed and dressed his team purchased a $45 million dollar ad buy that basically said "I think rioting is bad...Honestly!". Whilst in Wisconsin Biden lied about who invented the light bulb, made jokes about being shot to people who just went through a riot and handed each rally participant a script to which they were supposed to read from. This must be a form of leadership I was previously unaware of.  Trump walked the streets and talked to people, totally unscripted. Biden couldn't handle 25 people in a room without it being completely controlled by his team. And, he still screwed it up. This septuagenarian Spicoli couldn't organize an orgy at the Bunny Ranch.

Then there is policy. Here I actually disagree with Trump on some issues. Spending is my biggest issue. I also believe he could have led more on the healthcare issue. Making sure the GOP had an actual cohesive plan before he dismantled Obamacare. And then there was China. Tariffs. No sir, I don't like em! They hurt us more than the competition because it's the long game and our manufactures and farmers suffer long term. However Trump is the first president in decades to actually take on the issue. So yeah I give him credit and he is indeed winning. What would Biden do as president? Well it would be four years of Biden playing cheeky finger with Xi Jinping. A second Biden term would be Horizontal Harris playing cheeky finger with Xi Jinping. All the while Bernie Sanders is in the corner with binoculars and a box of tissues leering. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is outside the commie yurt peeking through the flap thinking "that should have been me!".

How about that evil Chinese death flu. Nothing brings out a democrat governor's inner Idi Amin than a manufactured pandemic. The Chinese manufactured the virus. Our idiot left manufactured the pandemic. Decomposing Joe is in the middle trying to grasp the situation with a mind wearing mittens. The result is Biden criticizing Trump for what he thinks Trump has not done and then listing all the things he would do which happens to be everything Trump has already done. Biden is basically wearing bell bottoms when the rest of the left is wearing skinny jeans stained with tear gas and the scent of hate. Old Joe trashes Trump's response and then steal's Trump's response. I guess plagiarism doesn't discriminate against age.

The biggest problem with decomposing Joe is his laziness. He has never put in the work. He stole other people's work in college, he did it running for president and he has spent his entire adult life manufacturing a pretend life that Walter Mitty himself would envy. It's much easier than doing actual work. Meeting actual people. That's why middle class Joe pops his plugs when a voter asks a question he has not be prepped for. Joe Biden, the kid from Scranton via Delaware has spent his adult life giving lap dances to Wall Street while pretending to be a poor Welsh coal miner. As a Welshman I'm not angry but humored because that fossil fuel hating idiot wouldn't last five minutes in a coal mine. Most people wouldn't including myself. That's hard work. Really hard work. Something Head and Shoulders Joe knows nothing about. But hey, lets all join hands and learn to code.

Joe's campaign isn't working. Since the conventions president Trump has made massive gains to the point the race is even. Assuming Trump was ever behind to begin with. But Biden ain't bright. he never saw the pattern. Why would he? Don't expect Joe Biden to find 2+2=4 when he refuses to do the math. He's Joe Biden dammit and third time is a charm!

I'm Joe Biden and I can't remember where I left my pants.



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