Physics Professor William Happer: We're in a carbon drought

Submitted by DC on Tue, 04/09/2019 - 20:27

The global warming scam is one of the remaining last lines of defense for the left.  They hold onto it for dear life because once it officially collapses, lots of do-nothings are going to go broke and will have to #learntocode.

This short interview from 2015 with a real scientist gives you another perspective into the scam.  From the video's description:

We’re in a carbon drought. That is according to Professor William Happer of Princeton University. The renowned physicist says when it comes to carbon dioxide, there’s more good than bad. He goes on to say most of carbon dioxide’s effect has already happened. He points to the logarithmic dependence of temperature on carbon dioxide levels. Happer says the unique properties of carbon dioxide mean that current levels would need to double for another one-degree increase in temperature and they’d have to double again for another one degree rise.

The funniest thing about this interview is how Professor Happer seems to smirk at the stupidity of academics.  My favorite quote: "I know more about Co2 compared to most climate scientists because we make Co2 lasers."




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