Submitted by The Boo Man on Sun, 11/26/2017 - 00:28

Democrats won three democrat states and they are rejoicing as if they won the presidency. Words like "wave" and "momentum" are being bandied about with more vigor than Bill Clinton after he takes his blue pills. Things  must be bad if you're celebrating wins you were guaranteed to win. New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. Basically the coast and the swamp and when all said and done they didn't expand the map. Don Lemon won't mention that.

I've been watching a lot of CSPAN lately. Why? I enjoy in the extreme watching democrats question republican nominated judges. It's basically speeches, pontification interspersed with attempts at gotcha. They ask questions and the answers confuse them. This is probably because democrats view knowledge like they view babies. The world would be better off without them. What got me thinking is the democrats now using a religious test during judicial confirmations. Something our forefathers debated and tried to ensure would not happen.

Constitution; the democrats just aren't into you. Just as the American people are not into the democrats. Despite what three victories in nine years say.

What exactly do the democrats really believe? We've got plenty of polls telling us the country supposedly is on board with their policies. There are over a thousand out of work democrats that may, if allowed write a different story. Maybe Donna Brazille is on to something.

The democrat party has become the enemy of the people. Just a bunch of miserable elitists who seem to embrace the worst ideas in the country. They work to punish the people.    

Currently the GOP's tax reform bill is all over the news. And, of course the democrats will not be happy unless anyone they deem rich is taxed at 100 percent.  But, here is my point. The estate tax. Democrats have always been for it. And they make their partisan points about it only applying to mega rich people.  Democrats are happy with families having to sell the family business because of the estate tax. They don't mind people having to sell their companies because they can't afford the tax on something that has already been taxed. Once you have made a certain amount of money the democrats consider you an enemy while waging this war on behalf of an electorate that would prefer they do a bit less legislating..

There is something to be said about a political party that relishes any American losing their business because they can't afford the taxes.

The aforementioned judicial hearings are the sort of things that make normal people's skin crawl.    During all these hearings for multiple judicial candidates one issue always comes to the forefront. Abortion. Democrats have a thirst, a deep insatiable thirst to kill babies and this desperation for infanticide is often on display when anyone introduces a bill that limits abortion in any way. Anyone who isn't a proponent of abortion of any kind at any time is not welcome in the party and is obviously a misogynist.

Until recently one of the most important qualifications for a judge is that the judge's ability to not allow his or her's personal beliefs influence their ability to rule. Now the democrats apply two tests. The abortion test and the religious test. As our most recent hearings show simply being a Christian is grounds for a vote of no. Democrats openly show hostility to judges that have the gall to go to a church other than government or Planned Parenthood. The American people want fair judges that do not go after nuns.

There are plenty of other examples of the democrats not being in sync with the people they supposedly represent.

Immigration for example. For the American people their concern goes no farther than security. That's it. So, as long as the DNC goes on and on about the plight  of the illegal immigrant and how we have to help them the average family is tuning them out because they have problems of their own and subsidizing those not supposed to be here isn't really a concern.

Neither are bathrooms. I'm pretty sure no one ever outside of the coasts ever once wondered about men dressed as women using women's bathrooms and yet the democrats sought to make it a law. Not only that, democrats are trying to nullify genetics via legislation. You can't change DNA but you can change law. So, if a woman decides she is a man democrats believe it is a crime to refer to her as a her. Democrats have weaponized pronouns. Most Americans don't agree. However in their world boys are boys and girls are girls and that shouldn't be altered by force or coercion or manipulation.  Parents concern themselves with providing for their children. Not confusing them about their gender.

How about that weather...    

Every day millions of Americans drive to work in their non Hollywood sanctioned gas fueled cars. Passing places where electric car charging stations do not exist. During their morning commute they think about the mortgage, the kids tuition, visiting mom at the home, braces, little league and puberty. What they don't worry about is the sea possibly but probably not rising a few millimeters in fifty years. Nor do they worry about that now infamous polar bear sitting on a small slab of ice somewhere in the arctic.

Global warming climate change weather has never been an issue with anyone not being subsidized or in a dorm. It's a joke. A loud annoying joke. Especially when the media trumpets a climate summit where dozens of world "leaders" fly their gas guzzling jets and ride in their gas guzzling SUV's with their gas guzzling entourage five star hotels. Once comfortably insulated at the conference these honest to goodness devotees of environmental purity begin to craft laws that prohibit everyone but them from doing what they just did. They fly jets to agree to ban people from driving certain cars and using certain light bulbs. They being exempt from of course.

Meanwhile the electric bill went up twenty percent.
Saving the environment from make believe villains makes the cost worthwhile not to mention what it does for Don Lemon. He doesn't have ratings but he has the knowledge that ordinary people are paying more to keep the lights on. Meanwhile back in Paris...

These are not the democrats your parents voted for.