Nolte: CNN’s 5-Hour Town Hall Event Is Another Ratings Catastrophe

Suppose you put on a major political event and nobody came? That is exactly what happened to the far-left CNN’s five hour town hall event Tuesday night.
Now that the Mueller Report has exposed the media’s Russia Collusion Hoax — a hoax CNN led 24/7 for more than two years, the fake news outlet has watched its already-humiliating ratings further collapse in ways no one thought possible. This has forced the last place outlet to come up with programming gimmicks as a means to hold on.

CNN has been putting on town hall events for a while now. For example, there was Jake Tapper’s disastrous Let’s Boo a Rape Victim anti-Second Amendment town hall last year. This year, though, CNN has put on a series of town halls to benefit Democrat presidential candidates. These events are basically an hour of softball questions where CNN anchors go so far as to tell the studio audience to applaud for the Democrat.