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Deep State / Corruption

'Act of war': Mattis says Obama's inept response to Cafe Milano bomb plot 'emboldened' Iran

Greg Craig found not guilty in Ukraine lobbying case

Parting words from departing FBI boss in Chicago: ‘Our corruption program is extremely busy. Expect more to come’

Former UAW official pleads guilty to fraud, money laundering



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China / Mexico / Europe

THREAD You'd better believe Mexico is paying for the wall. 

US warns China to quit buying Iranian oil, offering $15M reward for info on sanctions-busting

U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran space agencies

France pushes $15 billion credit line plan for Iran, if U.S. allows it

What Doing Business With China Actually Costs

Is Huawei Now Spying in the Cloud?

US Diplomat Urges Merkel to Take ‘Firm Stance’ in China

Xi Jinping singles out Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as major risks for Chinese Communist Party

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam insists she decided to withdraw extradition bill, not Beijing

U.K. Parliament Gives A Full-Fledged Finger To The British People



Global Warming Hoax

Trump rolls back regulations on energy-saving lightbulbs

Paris Heatwave Update

Plummeting September Temperatures In Illinois




Sick People

(April 2013) Every Mass Shooting Shares One Thing In Common & It’s NOT Weapons

Planned Parenthood Admits in Court That It Sold Body Parts From Aborted Babies

Hundreds of Names in Sealed Epstein Materials, Judge Told

‘Voice’ Singer Files Sex Abuse Suit Against Disney and Nashville Producer

Citizens In California Can Refuse To Help Officers In Distress Through New Bill






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