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Our first week of news rundowns is in the can.  We'll pick these back up Monday morning.


Trump again says he is 'very seriously' looking to end birthright citizenship

Greenland row is Trump positioning for Arctic battle: expert

Feds intercept nearly 53,000 illegal Chinese gun parts in Los Angeles


Epstein / Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is to be arraigned on NEW charges in Manhattan Criminal Court, just two weeks before his sexual assault trial

Correctional officers have been subpoenaed in the Jeffrey Epstein death investigation, a source says



Mifsud’s Lawyer: Former Italian Minister Nudged Mifsud to Introduce Trump’s Aide to Russians

Ohr 302 Notes Prove FBI Tried to Hide True Source of Trump-Russia Allegations

Graham Will Advise AG Barr On Rollout Of Russia Trump Docs. They Must Be Made Public.

The road not taken: Another FBI failure involving the Clintons surfaces

One of the biggest shoes on the Spygate centipede to drop is Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne:






Jobless Claims Fall 12K to Only 209K for Week Ending August 17




One Week Left Before Nearly All 'Made In China' Is Tariffed

Mike Pompeo says US is pressing China to release detained Canadians, but rejects linkage to Huawei case

Prof indicted over alleged secret ties to China


Leftists Destroy Everything

TMLC Uncovers Tax-Payer Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced On Teachers

DOJ: 64 Percent of All Federal Arrests in 2018 Were Noncitizens

Decades of Intensifying Left-Wing Influence on High School Students


Global Warming Hoax

Unreliable Nature Of Solar And Wind Makes Electricity More Expensive, New Study Finds

Greta’s Dire Straits

Arctic Settled Science Update



Hackers Could Steal Personal Info By ‘Listening’ To Your Keyboard, Alarming Study Finds

Microsoft's contractors listened in on Xbox users



Mark Dice


Paul Joseph Watson