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New Document Exposes Two Russian Dossier Sources

As the spygate scandal unraveled early last year, “Stefan Halper” is a name that wouldn’t stop popping up.

Having previously been involved in a CIA spying scandal in the 1980s, Halper got another spy gig in the 2016 election in which he attempted to infiltrate the Trump campaign. In a prior article I extensively detailed Halper’s involvement in trying to entrap various Trump campaign team members.

Even after the election, Halper pitched himself as an ambassador to China for the Trump team after his presidential victory. In other words, even after Trump’s victory, a spy was nearly embedded within the Trump team.

Thanks to recently released notes from an interview the State Department’s Kathleen Kavalec had with dossier author Christopher Steele, a possible bombshell connection between Halper and the dossier has been uncovered. As discussed earlier in the week on the podcast, those notes also demonstrate Steele failing to keep his story straight between the State Department and FBI, proving how unreliable he is.